[Archive] What do CD sound like?


Something that i have been pondering for a while

I imagine them to have a deep, gruff sort of russian accent

What do you think on this?


I’ve typically heard them voiced with an exaggerated WWI movie german accent. Eg. “Zounds! You zee zose ogres? Blahzt zem!.” Seems fairly cheesey though.

They still speak Dwarfish, so it’ll still be deep and gruff, but perhaps not quite the same accent.


I’m with warplockmonkey, I’ve always imagined them as having a russian/slavic accent. They certainly don’t sound scottish like normal dwarfs!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Not having any idea what an Iranian accent would sound like, I for my part still do imagine them with the classic Scottish accent.

Uzkul Werit:

Scottish for the Western traitors. For Chaos Dwarfs, stereotypical, OTT german accents. Lots of ‘z’ etc …

Ishkur Cinderhat:

How come some of you hear them with this German accent? Any precedence in the fluff or earlier publications…?


wanting german speech like s pronounced as z, and keeping with the image and not having them speak arabic, which would be random having the same speech as araby, and russian which would be the same as kislev (german would be like the empire) i think it will probably be more of a strong gruff generic bad guy accent rather than a real world locale.


I imagine they would talk much the same as regular Dwarfs, except with a harsh guttural accent (sort of like Klingons).


Either the exaggerated german accent, or a arabic one (pressure on the last syllable, etc - well, I’ve just got accepted for arabic studies, I should know, should I?:hat off)

The Slaver:

Personally, ive always liked the idea of an arabuc dialect for the chaos dwarfs, maybe a mongolian dialect? something rougher than Indian, probably somewhere along the lines of ancient Persian.

@Nehan: Im considering taking some courses in arabic, and was wondering if you think its something that is a good investment. How does it compare in difficulty to other languages? Thanks!


its simple… they talk like khazakstani… like Borat…
happy times!


I always imagined them having Russian accents, as the Zharri Wastelands are located in modern European Russia (kind of). Brets have French accents, and the denizens of the Empire have a heavy German accent in my mind.


its simple... they talk like khazakstani... like Borat...
happy times!
Throw the orc down the well, so my country can be free...


I figured they didn’t speak english and they spoke in grumbled, harsh tones and grunts (maybe the beard messes up their speech pattern).


@Nehan: Im considering taking some courses in arabic, and was wondering if you think its something that is a good investment. How does it compare in difficulty to other languages? Thanks!
The main problem is with the alphabet and pronunciation (as arabic has several sounds for every vowel!).
It can be a good investment, that's for sure, with accumulating problems with terrorism, immigration and the like.
Good luck!


Nehan: I also have been trying to figure out where I can learn arabic! I’m a religious studies major, so I figure it might be helpful. Plus, it’s pretty much an awesome language. Of course, right when I decide to take some courses, my university goes and fires their instructor. :sick

Regarding Chaos Dwarf speech, I like wallacer’s klingon idea, or metro-gnome’s khazakstani! As long as their voices are angry and gravelly it makes sense to me. Also, most logically, some kind of psuedo-Syrian (Syrian is a language, right? Hmm…) in the same way that 40k has psuedo-latin would work too.


Khazakstan is the greatest

country in the world!

All other countries are ruled by lit-tle girls!

Russian and Arabic together at last…

Great Success!

Uzkul Werit:

There wasn’t any background in which they speak like Germans. I just thought of it and it just stuck.

Throw the Orc down the well! Brilliant!


I’m thinking maybe a very gruff middle-eastern accent.:hat


With those tusks in the way, I’d imagine them with voices like the squid guy from Pirates…


- Kyte