[Archive] What do you need (if you need) for the WoH?


As the name of the topic, what is it that your are intersting as we as members can contribute with to the word of Hashut? I´m starting to feel a urge to perhaps do something and would be intersting what you need and also how do you produce this special things (how many words for a rticle , what format, etc).


I think the best bet is to PM Willmark, although he may be busy until issue 9 is finally released.


Ok, will contact him then and ask what could be intersting for him and his fellow writers to get help with in form of a articel or two :slight_smile:


Baggronor is correct. This cycle is turning out to be very long, I’m still working away but its taking way to much time. PM me after #9 is out.


Ok, I wait for nine and come back after that :slight_smile: