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The Brain:

I am curious does everyone play the current 7th edition rules for fantasy. I ask this only because I see all the goings back and forth over RH list, GT list, Self made list and just wondered if anyone still plays an older edition like 5th where you can just use the Chaos Dwarf rule book. Up at my local bunker there are a bunch of guys that hang around in the back every once in awhile and they only play 40k 2nd edition. I think there are about 4 or 5 of them. They only play each other so they never have a problem, with finding a game. The staff all the time asks them why not switch and they simply reply that they are old and learned the rules once and that was enough. Does anyone else have a similar experience? I personally play 7th edition with the RH and 5th edition 40k.


Played 6th ed loads of times,

read 7th ed but never played it.


7th ed all the way. I only actually played maybe 20-30 games with 6th (mainly for SoC).



Version wars are more common with D&D TBQH.


The latest obviously, although I have a previous edition greenskin army book.


The latest game I played was with the 6th editon.

I didn’t own the 7th edition. “Only” the 6th one with the Dwarf and Dark Elf army books.



One group I play with still plays sixth edition, and the lastest book they accept is the 7th ed. Dwarf Book. Most of them (including me) actually prefered sixth edition. The reasoning behind the group is that a) the sixth ed rules were generally more playable (with a few tweaks) than the seventh ed. b) 6th ed lacked the real power creep and general ‘Herohammer’ nature of 5th and 7th editions. c) We did not appreciate shelling out £45 for a new rulebook, having lage chunks of our army nerfed (or removed altogether in the case of Chaos) and being expected to buy the latest ‘uber-killy-unit/hero-of-death’ in order to make our games competitive.


I play 7th

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7th for WFB and 2nd for 40K

Pyro Stick:

I play 6th edition because i cant afford the 7th edition rulebook.


It really doesn’t matter what edition you play with as long as you have people that play the same edition and have lots of fun.


in fabtasy I played 7th, but i love 5th edition… unfortunately so many time that i havent play 5th edition that I forgot how…

on 40k i only have the Kroot Mercenary Armies, which doesnt works very well on the lastest edition, so i havent play any more 40K battles