[Archive] What else could go wrong?

Glimpse the Void:

So I thought I’d share this burning failure with you.  Perhaps opening up will start the healing process?

I’m Playing lizard men at about 2,500 points.  My gun line slams a skull cracker into his premier combat block of temple guard.  My opponent realizes there is absolutely nothing he can do to kill it with what he has, because it is upgraded to toughness 8.  He was way in my face, so this gigantic unit of infantry creates an obstacle for his entire army to walk around whilst I hammer him with 2x dreadquake mortars and my hellcannon.  Victory was certain when he committed his second unit of infantry to the combat.  All I had to do was sit back and hammer him, I even had the luxury of marching my infernal guard up into hand to hand combat because there was nothing he could do.

Then, one of the dreadquake motars misfires twice and blows itself up.  The second one scatters off his slaan.  I use my other engineer to reroll it.  It scatters 2 inch further to center the strength 10 template on my Iron Deamon.  

He was glad to know that they can be killed.  I went on to get tabled because I was out of position and got tabled.  Was crazy.


2500pts and 2 dreadquakes and hell cannon? So you did not have slave ogres then? Because otherwise you would be over in your rare points.

More to the point, you must have not done as much damage as you thought if he was able to table you after this, because despite loosing the one cannon, you still had the other 2 and the skullcraker while hurt could not be killed outright in one shot. If things get truly nasty send in the hell cannon, plus your block of warriors was still in play from what you said. While a crippling blow, what you describe is not impossible to swing back from.

Glimpse the Void:

Looking back, I think I had one slave ogre and the reality of the comeback was painfully obvious. It was more the situation that his threats had no ability to get to vulnerable parts of my army while the combat with my iron demon and his 2 huge infantry blocks continued. I did wrack up a huge stack of bodies, but my assessment was more a statement of what both armies could do at that moment as opposed to the damage yet inflicted.

Glimpse the Void:

Oh, and like I said overextending my infantry blocks in my over confidence was a bigger blow than my poor luck.