[Archive] What figure are YOU most proud of?


Imperial Saint Michael and his attendant Land Raider, who sort of blew out my creativity bulb for a while while making. I’m still not done with either of them.



Its a work in progress that I keep coming back to over the years. My life’s work, so to speak!! Knowing my luck, this project will flounder in obscurity till my death when it will sell for millions under the title “Middle Aged, Semi-Obese angry buddha (with beard)”, or “Untitled XXVII” or something.

Kera foehunter:

Kera smiles !!! wow Grndl This is a easy one to fixs !All you need to do is put this figure next to the tree of knowledge! and with the colors of tree will enlighten the figure

those change it! Then this will be the best figure you ever need.

@ dedwrekka love you 40k stuff

Pyro Stick:

That land raider is going to look very interesting when its done. Great work.

Im proud of almost all of my models cause they all take me so long to paint!! Well, everything apart from my Tomb Kings. Ill go through my stuff and find the ones im MOST proud of. I might have to choose a favourite Chaos Dwarf model/unit and a 40K favourite as well.


mine is probably my none finshed GH project, so you all will have to wait :idea


My Oni Varghulf is still my favourite at the mo :slight_smile: Working on Black Knights next


My favorite model of all time…

I like how my warboss turned out. Especially the skin…


For me, its my CD srccorer lord, ill post picts of him in a bit.


My best model to date.

Hashut’s Blessing:

One concurs, GSF :wink:

For me, I’m pretty darned pleased with my Rykarth model (my avatar) and my metal sorcerer (no pics yet), though I’m particularly pleased with my ogre bull turned into a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch (which the damned plumber broke! >:) )…


I am especialy proud of a milita model i made for a mordheim campaign. I was testing paitschemes, and when i was done i couldn’t believe what i had done as it was ten times better than anything i had ever painted before. I worked hard to get the same quality on the rest of the warband, but it just didn’t work…


The big blue dude in this thread:


Kera foehunter:

All i can find Snowblizz is a big old deamon grape!!!

im just kidding !!! that is a cool figure great paint job


I’m rather fond of my old Genestealer Patriarch sitting on a throne…

…and also my Arch Lector…

…but most of all my beloved Carnosaur (which just got a whole lot better coutesy of the new Lizzie book):

Kera foehunter:

great job wallacer

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At the moment it’s still this one:

Also I’m pretty proud of my Goaler from GH6. :slight_smile:


I love Grim’s Nurgle Champion, just sweet.

My favorite is my Iron warriors defiler, my wife painted the dragon head.


I have a few…

CoolMiniOrNot - slann mage by two heads talking

CoolMiniOrNot - inquisitor by two heads talking

CoolMiniOrNot - thousands suns sorceror by two heads talking

CoolMiniOrNot - galrauch by two heads talking

somehow coolmini won’t let me display the image, so you’ll have to click the link. Sorry.


Hey wallacer! Nice Pope-Mobile!


Thanks, Willmark. May the blessings of Sigmar be upon you.