[Archive] What is that? The chaos dwarf bull centaur taur'ruk product number


What is that? The chaos dwarf bull centaur taur’ruk product number…has jumped by 1??? :wink:

Expect 99590211016 out soon?


Jumped by 2 … Lol

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Thommy H:

I have no idea what this thread is about.


He’s suggesting that the jump in sequencing of the product code might imply there are models to be released that have the missing numbers.

I can’t say I follow the codes enough to know if there is something to this or not. Also, could the missing number be a non CD model?


I’d hazard a guess that 99590211016 might be the K’Daai Destroyer which has been in limbo for ages.

then again it might be nothing after all the first item on the list is 99550211003 which are the infernal guard command set.