[Archive] What is the standard for destroyer conversions these days?


Hey all!!!

So finally mastered the little hobos. Now I wanna start planning the big guy. Is there a general “best kit mash” going around similar to the storm vermin + goblin head for hobos? So far I have my eye on either the Slaughterbrute or the Ogre stonehorn. Cant really think of anything better unless I’m missing something.

Any ideas?




I think the 40k CSM Maulerfiend is also a popular choice as is the LotR Balrog.


ooo good call!!!

40K stuff… Why didn’t I think of that. The Maulerfiend actually looks perfect, I wont be stepping on chaos or ogre player toes and the combo of metal and fire is actually amazing. Thanks!

Think I’ll stay away from the balor… Scale is a bit off as is with all LOTR minis…

I’m still thinking the Slaughterbrute may be a tad cooler. A bit more options for conversion and what not. Hmmmm… I’ll have to think about this one.

Thanks so much for advice!


Hi Novos!

Take a look:


Those are freakin ridiculous!!!! Thanks for the link and UP THE IRONS!!! Greatest band in existence by far.... Dance of Death is just better than sex... Well, sometimes lol!


I’m using the Ghorgor from beastmen. Check it in my blog. A page or too back.


Note especially Bloodbeard’s inventive technique for making flames out of toilet paper and super glue. That’s useful!


haha that’s awesome! Gorgon sounds amazing too! Damn it so many choices… I kinda like the look of the fiend but yeah I’ll do a side by side before I make any final decisions.

Really this is just a time filler before Forgeworld releases theirs… Whenever that will be. Presumably the world will be a post apocalyptic wasteland not unlike the 40,000 universe before then XD


I have a Cronus golem. Love that model


I have a Cronus golem. Love that model

Wow that's really cool too!!!

Where did you buy that gem?

Thommy H:

I can confirm that the Maulerfiend works well with almost no modification.