[Archive] What is this Dwarf doing?


did he just poop his pants or what? confused…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

  1. It’s not a dwarf.

    2) Could it be he’s doing the panty trick from “Zoolander”…?

zorn sabretooth:

it s one of the prisoners from Metal Slug

Tarrakk Blackhand:

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(Sorry Zorn…just wanted to see your banner…but it didn’t work!)

I think he’s pulling his boxer shorts out of his pants.


he obvioulsy can turn left


According to the wonderful internet, Metal Slug prisoners give you bonus items from their pants… And this guy has either shaken out a bonus, or doesn’t have one. I’ve never played Metal Slug, so I can’t give you anymore than that.


I’m with Ish and Pickles on this one… it’s a walk-off! blue steel

hahahahaha. Xander used to make little pixel gif images :slight_smile: he made me an archer once, shooting arrow after arrow…