[Archive] What is this fig and what is it worth?


I am going through my old figs trying to clean up a bit and came across this guy:

I know it is a GW fig that I used in my Chaos Dwarf army back in 4th/5th edition (despite his lack of large hats), but have no clue where I got it.

I figured I would come see the experts here at CDO to find out what this fig is called and how much it may be worth.

On a slightly related note I also have this very old GW Dwarf thief. Anyone know if this thing still has any value?

If you need more pics or any other info please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help guys!


You can probably find the first guy here! =)


Dont know the last one, sorry. But maybe someone else does! =)


Oh cool. Apparently he (they) are Drum & Drone Ulsen, listed under the Chaos Dwarf Renegades from 2nd/3rd edition.

Any idea what value this kind of fig would have? I don’t really know how the collectors market works.

Note I’m not even sure I would part with him, but I’m trying to put together my Warmachine army in time for a store league and have been digging through my stuff for trade fodder.



The Drum and Drone mini are very common as they came in the Chaos Dwarf Renegade box set. Value is anywhere from £1-£4. The Dwarf Thief maybe worth around the same (Or more) but im not too sure to be fair.

Best bet for both is ebay :slight_smile:




Had an eye on the thief for some time, on ebay most of times he went for about 3 to 5 GBP.

For the Drum&Drone Ulsen with broken axe 1 or 2 GBP would be lucky.


Ok, thanks very much for the info. :cheers