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I thought I showed you guys some stuff I’m doing when not doing chaos dwarfs…

As a start, here are some impressions from the army I’m currently working on:

1500pts - “Vulkan He’stan” Space Marines

the army is not salamanders but a custom chapter. I plan on using it in 2vs2 games together with a buddys eldar. We agreed on a color cheme and a “jetbike” theme. Obviously this is more difficult to realise for me then for him.

So, here is my first Scratch build Space Marine Jetbike half way to completition:

Furthermore I’m using Assault Terminators with TH & SS. I’m not using Stock Terminators but firmly converted ones. I’m very proud of this one and consider it my best miniature till now:

So, what do you think?


looks good

what is the front part of the bike made from?

like the hammer of the terminator


the front part is completely scratchbuild, I used cardbord for the basic shape and did the detail with Fimo.

Kera foehunter:

THAT SOME GREAT STUFF!!! So sad !!great paint job too


Whoaorgh, an update!!

actually, the reason for this update is a sad one: I won’t finish my entry for PoD II on rites of war.

so here is what I did so far:

custom jetbikes typ 2

freehand chapterbanner

And here is the reason for me being distracted. A friend of mine signed us up for a doubles tournament and for this I had to build and paint 600points of space marines. I’m not a fast painter and so this took me two weeks (I finished just in time for the tournament, where we became 4th out of 24teams). Anyway, my Sons of Orar:

(sorry for the poor quality - taking pictures of varnished models is a pain)




wow,that bikes look nice

once again i have to ask what the frontparts are made from?i see space marine backpacks but what are the other parts?

great banner paint job,looks awesome


Thats one sweet banner! Love it, and the rest of the models looks great too! :slight_smile:


love those bikes they are great, the banner is amazing the detail that you have put in is just so good :slight_smile:


Amazing abnner and jetbikes! Did you casted them? I’d like to see closer picures of your marines.


I agree, the jetbikes are bloody great! :slight_smile:

How did you make them?

Also, the freehand on the banner is impressive… congrats!


Another person asking about the jetbikes. :wink:

I considered collecting a jedi themed space marine army on jetbikes a couple of years back (when the dark angels dude on jetbike came out), but I couldn’t figure out how best to convert a regular biker. Kudos for coming up with a very good solution.


Another person asking about the jetbikes. ;)

I've read the previous post, was just wondering about the other image, where the bikes have that front thing ;)


thanks everybody for posting, I didn’t extect this much interest!

to all asking about how they were made. I took inspiration from the BFG starships and thought about how I could transfer this design to my jetbikes. Some sketches later I came up with the new font part featuring a massive front with “aquilla” design and a gothic style corpus. The entire front was scratchbuild using plasticard and magic sculpt. The “wings” were cut out of plasticard and then bend to fit the ram. After glueing stuff together I blended everything with magic sculpt (see pictures below).

The back was done using parts from a landspeeder and plasticard.

@ bassmann:

Yea, I casted these. mold making was difficult though, since I had to make it a 6part mold in order to make it unmoldable.

closer pictures of the space marine army or the jetbikes?

I’ll try to make pictures of the marines, but since they are varnished its difficult to make proper close-ups.

again, thanks to everybody for the comments :slight_smile:



Hashut’s Blessing:

That. Is. Just. So.

GORGOUS! I love it! I love the front half of the newer bikes, but I think the back half (mostly the stabiliser wings) of the old one more. My jaw ACTUALLY dropped when I saw the freehand banner!

I’m trying to think of some constructive criticism to give to you, but I really can’t think of anything currently. It’s outstandingly brilliant!

I LOVE the purple on the awesome Eagle’s Thunder Hammer, but I’m curious as to how you made the Terminator (I may be reading it wrong, but it came across as not being made from Terminator parts… After all, the Hammer isn;t standard [to my knowledge], the shield may be modified, but I’m not sure, the back was used in a jetbike and has a turbine


Well, I’ve been quite inactive lateley, at least concearned to posting here. But I did paint a little, mainly to improve my painting skills. Now I want to ask you guys for your opinon.

First of, there are two terminators from the Space Hulk box. I’ve stripped them of their cast-on bases and placed magnets under their feet in order to be able to use them with both, space hulk and regular 40k.

Their bases aren’t finished yet and they won’t be until I managed to decide wether or not I’ll use the resin bases shown in the pictures for them.

Furthermore I almost finished painting the following miniature - which happens to be one of my favourite sculpts.

still needs his backpack

so, what do you guys think, what do I need to improve?

yesterday I had some spare time that I used to tidy up my cabinet. Unanticipatedly I found a bag containing miniatures I painted some years ago (well, I forgot I had them). So, once the emperor’s champion is done, Inquisitor Eisenhorn is going to be repainted (oh boy, sins of the past…)

greetings so.sad

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad to see you’re backing and getting on with beautiful painting. I especially love the Emperor’s champion. I think it works FAR better in your colour scheme. You want criticism? Repaint that very last miniature :wink: He he he.

Kera foehunter:

what a come back !!! throws are some great painted figures !

welcome back so sad * hug *


thanks HB & Kera :cheers

ok, I finished the emperors Champion, here is the result

(I’m not happy with the base but I can’t tell why, perhaps I should add some grass?)

furthermore I stripped the good ol’ Eisenhorn and started to rework him but ran into some weird problem (see my thread in the ideas & advice section)

To brighten myself up I did a quick job on one of the Space Hulk genestealers. I’m quite happy with the result though I still have to finish the termi helmet he’s standing on.

comments are greatly appreciated :cheers

(or highly appreciated? whats the right term?)




The banner is stunning!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think the main thing is that there could be too much snow on the gaming base: compared to the scenic base, there’s a lot there and it seems to dominate slightly. It’s too thick rather than covers too much area, maybe. I can’t quite place it, but I think that could possibly be it.

In regards to Eisenhorn, I just replied :wink:

I LOVE the claws and stuff in that colouring on the genestealer. All of them together will be incredibly impressive, without shadow of a doubt. It looks to me more like he’s stood on a skull than a helmet though, but that could be the pictures.

Either works, but greatly seems to work better. Much is also an applicable word :wink: