[Archive] what kind of army do you prefer?

Da Crusha:

so I want to know what is the favorite kind of army CD players like to field. there are several to pick from

heavy magic

fighty chaos dwarf army

sea of Green

gunline -heavy artillery


Gar Shadowfame:

i preffer combintion of magic and gunline, but only for tournaments


I like to think that i have a balanced list when i play not to heavy on any one thing :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

i preffer combintion of magic and gunline, but only for tournaments

Gar Shadowfame
shux I should've added that in to the poll


I just started playing CD’s so I play a balanced list just to get to know the blokes best. I not found on magic, but I quite fell in love with the centaurs (love at first sight). So I plan to play a fast army in the future once I get the minies. 2 units centaurs with wolfboy support and lord on great taurus. and 3 units of blunderbusses with a scrollcarrier for minimum core choice.


Having started CD only recently I am still trying out various tactics.

Up to now, I’ve had success with a balanced army, and swapping the Lord choice to make it more fighty/magicky depending on how lucky I am feeling.


Not got any models yet, but am looking towards assembling a fairly balanced list, with a slight predisposition towards artilley.:smiley:


Two funniest things? Lots of slaves and big guns for me! So earthshaker, death rocket and bolt throwers plus orcs (yes, orcs!), black orcs and hobgoblins.

Oh, well Taurus lord is funny to play. :slight_smile:


When playing with friends balanced. At a tourney it almost has to be gunline and magic.


I have to say balanced, mainly because there is so much that I like about the list I find it hard to leave things out.


I’m answering from the perspective of a GT Indy list player.

I would say my current list is closer to “balanced” than anything else on your poll, but on the table, the first two turns are a barrage of bound spells, a level 4 high priest, and lots of artillery. The “balance” comes in when the enemy gets close enough, and I come in with two blocks of Chaos Dwarf warriors, a Daemoneater, and Inferno Golems. Had it been present, I would have selected “magic/artillery”.

Yaghnu Nigamwamp:

I try to bring a horde army. I shoot for 200 models. Back 'em up with magic and shooting, add a little cc goodness, and viola! Balanced army.


I run currently What i consider a balanced list…

Lord on Taurus - BHoH, AotF, Shield

Hero - BGoG, HA, Shield, GW

Sorcerer - LVL2, PS, DS

Sorcerer - LVL2, PS, DS

21 Warriors with FC & GW

21 Warriors with FC & GW

21 Warriors with FC & BB

4x Death Rockets

3 Maneaters with GW


Balanced is pretty much our best, short of being a jerk and warmachine spam with 2 shakers…

I run Shaker, Rocket, unit of blunderbuss, 2 blocks of warriors, 2 units of fully armored Hobgoblins (the armor is VERY much worth it I’ve found), lord on Taurus, 2 lvl 2’s (typically 2 scrolls and staff of sorcery), some Bull Centaurs (with warbanner so they make great shock troops with 3 CR when they flank a unit), and some Black Orcs.

I have a little bit of everything, and can apply multiple threats. This forces my opponents to either divide his efforts or to ignore certain threats. This also gives me redundancy in case one or two fail.

Time of Madness:

I like to think I have a balanced list, however I don’t have many greenskins kicking around.

Time of Madness


Well I’ve been playing a lot of 1500 point battles lately, and I Must say I love the sea of green…


Wow… Pretty old thread… but I am planning on a balanced list.


For 40k, i love hoarding up 80 boyz, and three boom wagons. FS, I like to keep it magic based, and have several Hobbo’s for cannon fodder.