[Archive] What Ku'gath Plaguefather Learned of Chaos Dwarfs

Ancient History:

The following was a 3,000 point game between the Daemons of Chaos and the Chaos Dwarfs. This battle used the standard army lists, though my opponent obviously was playing an all-Nurgle army.

In the initial set-up, the Daemon army, the Pestilient Legion, was arranged into three distinct “regiments” - small companies of Plaguebearers led by a Herald of Nurgle, and preceded by a swarm of Nurglings. On a small hill at the center of this formation sat Ku’gath Plaguefather, a Greater Daemon of Nurgle, attended by a pack of Nurglings and two massive Beasts of Nurgle. All told, the Daemon of Chaos Army measured less than a hundred models, though I noticed my opponent had six Nurglings in reserve.

The Chaos Dwarf army, by contrast, took up a /lot/ of the board. The three Death Rockets were placed first, set up on two hills - one on my left hand side of the board, and two on my right hand side. The center of the army was taken up by two units of Bull Centaurs, the largest of which was led by a Bull Centaur Lord (the army general), flanked by two units of Hobgoblin Wolfboyz. To the left of the center were the Greenskin units, two units of 20 naked Hobgoblins and a 20-strong unit of Black Orcs led by a Black Orc Boss and bearing the Banner of Slavery. To the right of the center were four units of 20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, two of them equipped with Great Axes and led by a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (Level 2, each), one of whom bore the Chalice of Darkness. In front of the center and each side was a unit of 10 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses, for three such units in total.

Before the battle began, the Nurglings moved up to place themselves in position to charge the Blunderbusses on the first turn.

Daemons Turn 1

The Pestilient Legion recieved the initiative on the first turn, Ku’gath Plaguefather ordered his companies forward. The three swarms of Nurglings, charged at the waiting Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses, who easily passed their Leadership test and stood their ground, firing at the daemons. Because of the way they were arranged, little less half the Nurglings were hit, and despite their daemonic Ward save all who were hit were also wounded, but the wounds were evenly distributed and so the full units crashed into the Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses.

Behind them, the Plaguebearers advanced, with the Beasts of Nurgle moving as a unit toward my left flank and the Greenskins waiting there. As the Winds of Magic began to blow and gather around the Daemon army, they were sucked into the Chalice of Darkness; each of the Heralds of Nurgle then raised their Staffs and attempted to unleash the Rancid Visitation within, but the center herald found itself blocked from their targets by the screening Nurglings, and the bound spells of the other two were easily dispelled by the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers.

Ku’gath himself remained seated on the hill and tossed a necrotic nurgling across the battlefield to join its fellows, where it slew two Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses.

In battle, the Nurglings swarmed the Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses, who took on all comers. Accept for four poisoned attacks, the rest of the Nurgling assault pretty much failed against the Chaos Dwarfs’ heavy armor. Unfortunately, these casualties, when combined with those lost to Ku’gath’s tosser, brought the left unit to less than half strength, and it broke. The Nurglings eagerly chased the unit down, which set them up in charge distance of the Black Orcs. The other two Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss units held firm and destroyed the already-wounded Nurglings facing them, creating some breathing space between them and more bases of the critters who were right behind and ready to move up.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 1

Essentially the entire Chaos Dwarf army moved eight inches forward. The Bull Centaurs and Hobgoblin Wolfboyz moved right up behind the remains of Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss line, the four Chaos Dwarf Warrior units on the right kept pace, and the Black Orcs charged the out-of-position Nurglings. Because of the Nurglings position, movement on the center-left got scrunched a bit, as one unit of Hobgoblins had to hang back and the left-most unit of Wolfboyz eventually just charged what would be the Nurglings’ flank if the minor daemons weren’t skirmishers.

As the winds of Magic began to blow again, one of the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers attempted to eke out a single Fireball and the other a Rule of Burning Iron, but the Nurglesh sorcerers dispelled it.

The remaining Chaos Dwarf Blunderblusses fired into the Nurgling swarms again, and again the daemons suffered wounds but didn’t lose any models (damn 3 wound bases). The Death Rockets each picked out a single unit of Plaguebearers, aiming at the Heralds of Nurgle, and let fly their rockets. Unfortunately, the rockets overshot the mark somewhat and landed in the rear of the units - most of the daemons made their Ward and Regeneration saves, but three of the daemons were blown back to the Realms of Chaos.

In close combat, the Black Orcs and Wolfboyz passed their Leadership test and destroyed the Nurglings.

Daemons Turn 2

Ku’gath shat out another Nurgling for his growing swarm, and again his Nurgling hordes charged the Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses, and again the Chaos Dwarfs stood and fired - this time, however, several of the Nurgling swarms were utterly destroyed (third shot, third Wound), with the few remainder moving again into close combat.

Unwilling for the Death Rockets to get their range, the left-most company of Plaguebearers marched toward the gap created by the Nurglings toward the Greenskins, while the right-most unit attempted to maneuver around the flank of the remaining Nurglings, and the center company scooched closer to the Nurglings. The Beasts of Nurgle continued on their way toward the Greenskins and came within charging distance of a unit of Hobgoblins.

Ku’gath himself finally deigned to move his bulk, slithering forward off the hill with his Nurglings in tow.

Once again, the Magic Phase was a bit of a bust - the Winds of Magic were sucked into the Chalice of Darkness, leaving the Heralds of Nurgle with nought but the bound spells in their Staffs, which were easily dispelled by the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers.

Ku’gath made his anger known by tossing one of the offending things at the Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses again, missing and hitting his own center unit of Plaguebearers instead - who all made their Ward saves, damn them.

In close combat, the centermost unit of Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses and the Nurglings facing it destroyed each other, while the surviving unit destroyed its foes and remained at almost full strength still - seven hardy Chaos Dwarfs drenched in daemon gore!

Chaos Dwarf Turn 2

With the Nurglings finally out of the way and the bulk of the Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses dead, the Bull Centaurs charged forward into the center company of Plaguebearers, the Bull Centaur Lord leading the way, and the Hobgoblin Wolfboyz coming around to threaten the daemons’ left flank.

Speaking of the left flank, the Black Orcs moved to attack the company of Plaguebearers on the left, with a unit of Hobgoblins moving to flank and the other unit of Hobgoblins charging the Beasts of Chaos but misjudging the distance and marching forward four inches instead.

On the right flank, the Chaos Dwarf Warriors moved forward enough to cover the flanks of the Bull Centaurs, but not quite close enough to charge (or be charged) by the right-most company of Plaguebearers.

This time, the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers managed to assay a Fiery Blast and a Rule of Burning Iron from the Power Dice left him from the Chalice of Darkness, but the Heralds of Nurgle managed to dispel them easily.

Unwilling to fire quite so close to their own lines, the three Death Rocket teams sent their deadly projectiles at the biggest target around - Ku’gath Plaguefather! One team misfired and sent their missle careening into Ku’gath’s Nurglings, but one caught the daemon in its blast radius which destroyed the daemon’s palanquin, and the other was a spot-on hit the wounded the Daemon itself.

In combat, the Bull Centaurs, outnumbering their foes, did credible damage to the Plaguebearers despite the latter’s Ward and Regeneration saves, their Great Weapons giving them an edge in dealing Wounds. Three of the Bull Centaurs were poisoned and died, and the Bull Centaur Champion wounded, but five Plaguebearers fell and even with daemons’ Icon of Eternal Virulence, the Bull Centaurs won the combat. The Plaguebearers made their Instability Test, however, thanks to the close presence of Ku’gath.

Daemons Turn 3

Another Nurgling bulged from Ku’gath’s bulk as he sashayed forward a few more inches. The center company of Plaguebearers was locked in with the Bull Centaurs, and their left-most company charged the Black Orcs while the Beasts of Nurgle charged the Hobgoblins, who failed their Panic Test, re-rolled thanks to the Banner of Slavery, and failed again, fleeing from the monstrosities.

The right-most company of Plaguebearers, in a surprise move, exposed their flank to the Chaos Dwarf Warriors in order to charge the weakened line of Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses, who stood and fired, slaying a single Plaguebearer.

Ku’gath moved up with his Nurglings to cover the center-company of Plaguebearer’s flank, or possibly to flank the Bull Centaurs next turn.

This time, the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers did not bring forth the Chalice of Darkness, and a fetid wind of magic blew across the field. Each of the Heralds except for the center released their bounds spells, which were dispelled, and then each attempted to cast Miasma of Pestilence; one of the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers spent a Dispel Scroll to block the left-most Herald, but decided to herald his last Scroll and let the right-most to go off-center Herald was, by that time, in base contact with the Bull Centaur Lord, whose Talisman of Obsidian negated the foul daemon’s sorcery.

Probably as expected, Ku’gath tossed a nurgling at the now much-weakened Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses, killing three of them (and forcing Regeneration saves on two daemons, which the buggers passed).

This turn’s close combat destroyed what remained of the center Plaguebearer company, including the Herald of Nurgle leading it, albeit at the cost of three more Bull Centaurs. The weakened Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses were destroyed in close combat, and the Plaguebearer’s charge brought them into the flank of the smaller unit of Bull Centaurs protecting the Bull Centaur Lord’s unit’s flank. That combat resulted in two dead Bull Centaurs and a single dead Plaugebearer.

The Black Orcs faired badly against the left-most Plaguebearers, but the Black Orc Boss managed to destroy the Plagueridden champion - still, the Black Orcs lost the combat, failed their Panic Test, re-rolled, and made their Panic Test, so that was all right.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 3

With one Herald down, the Bull Centaur Lord and what was left of his unit charged Ku’gath Plaguefather. The other Bull Centaur unit turned to face the Plaguebearers hitting them, while the Hobgoblin Wolfboyz took the Plaguebearers in the flank.

The Chaos Dwarf Warriors marched toward the Plaguebearers et al. angling slightly to present their fronts.

One unit of Hobgoblins continued to flee the Beasts of Nurgle, while the other managed to flank the Plaguebearers facing the Black Orcs, took their Fear Test and promptly fled rigtht through the unit of Hobgoblin Wolfboyz who did not Panic and managed to attack the Plaguebearers from the rear.

Without the Chalice of Darkness draining away Power Dice, the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers assayed magic missiles against the only foe they could see - Ku’gath’s Nurglings - and successfully blew them back to Hell as the sorcerers failed to dispel the spells.

The Death Rockets spoke again, this time targeting the Beasts of Nurgle, killing one and wounding the other.

The Black Orcs did little better this turn than on the last, although they still outnumbered the Plaguebearers two to one (well, ten to five), with the aid of the Hobgoblin Wolfboyz (who didn’t take down a single daemon), and they managed to make the combat a draw. The Bull Centaurs and Hobgoblin Wolfboyz had a harder time with their Plaguebearers, as the Standard of Seeping Decay let the buggers re-roll all their failed attempts to wound.

The main focus, natch, was Ku’gath and the Bull Centaur Lord & retinue. The Plaguefather is one serious tough mother, and if the Bull Centaurs counted as Dwarfs things would have look very bad for them. As it is, the daemon managed to only off two Bull Centaurs, one of them the already-wounded Champion, and scored four Wounds itself in the process.

Daemons Turn 4

Ku’gath had no more Nurgling swarms to add to, which made my opponent very sad.

The Beast of Nurgle now moved inside the range of the left-most Death Rocket and was headed to eat the crew - but he couldn’t charge just yet. Everyone else was stuck in, so that pretty much handled the movement.

The winds of magic were once more blowing. Once more the Heralds let loose their bound spells (dispelled) and the daemons tried to cast their Miasma (dispelled - the last Dispel Scroll was burned to keep the Black Orcs from becoming dead green things). Ku’gath himself was now in base contact with the Bull Centaur Lord and his Talisman of Obsidian, and couldn’t cast anything anyway.

With nothing else much to do, Ku’gath made a challenge to the Bull Centaur Lord, who accepted. Maybe not the wisest move, but with Ku’gath down to 5 Wounds it was possible to kill him this turn with a lot of luck. The battle was one sweaty dice-roll after another; Ku’gath managed to poison the Bull Centaur Lord twice, but took five Wounds - and saved two with Regeneration!

The Plaguebearers on the left chewed on the Black Orcs some more, flanked and outnumbered lost the combat and the following failed Instability Test wiped out the unit. The Plaguebearers on the right killed two Bull Centaurs (the only ones facing them), and the Hobgoblin Wolfboyz managed to wound twice, both of which were saved (one Ward, one Regeneration).

Chaos Dwarfs Turn 4

The Hobgoblins actually stopped fleeing at this point, though they were too far away to actually do anything useful.

The Chaos Dwarf Warriors continued to move, with one unit of Great Axes managing to charge the right-most Plaguebearers from the rear.

In the Magic Phase, the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers pumped a Fireball (which was dispelled) and a Fiery Blast (which wasn’t) into the Plague Daemons, killing three.

The two Death Rockets on the right nailed the Beast of Nurgle again, wounding it twice but not killing it. The threatened Death Rocket decided to try and take out Ku’gath - and ended up not just killing him but the Bull Centaur Lord and two other Bull Centaurs too. Whoops.

The final unit of Plaguebearers, hit from three sides, was wiped out to a daemon.

With only a single Beast of Nurgle left on the field, the game was ended.

Analysis: This game was unusual. In my experience, the combined saves of the Daemons let them fare better than they did here, even considering my troops obvious superiority in numbers, skill, and armor. The board was also smaller which let the armies get stuck in much quicker - next time we might consider using the table the other way. In hindsight, I should have done the opposite with my Magic Phases, but I wasn’t expecting four Level 1 Nurglish wizards with three Bound Spells. I don’t know what I was expecting but not that, but if I’d kept the Chalice closed at the beginning I could have crispy-fried my way for a while. Probably should have kept a hero within range of the Greenskins - except for the Black Orcs, the things were almost useless, and I paid out the nose for them.

I really don’t know what Ku’gath had in for the Blunderbusses, though. Seemed like a tactical error to me.

Ghrask Dragh:

:slight_smile: A great read! I enjoyed the battle report very much, I thought just for a second you might have had Ku’gath at the end there, but those regeneration rules are a bitch :smiley: have you played any other deamons?


i’m wondering how you managed to stop his magic with 2 lvl 2 sorcers (or did you have more?). I’m assuming his 3 heralds were all lvl 1?

the challice can only drain at most 2 of the enemies PD and up to 3 of your DD

Ancient History:

Each of the three Heralds of Nurgle was a Level 1 Sorcerer, and Ku’gath is a Level 1 Sorcerer himself - but they all have to use the Lore of Nurgle, so they all opted to take Miasma of Pestilence as their only spell, though I didn’t know that at the time. Essentially, it meant that the only thing they really had going for them were the three Bound Spells in their Staffs of Nurgle, which are easy to Dispel, and I was packing a couple Dispel Scrolls which took care of the Miasma when I turned the Chalice off.

Honestly, I was lucky not to get owned during the Magic Phase, but poor positioning and the Talisman of Obsidian helped.

Thommy H:

Essentially the entire Chaos Dwarf army moved eight inches forward.

Ancient History:

Well, not the actual Chaos Dwarf units. Move 3 and all that. But the Bull Centaurs, Black Orcs, and Hobgoblins marched forward. Sorry, should have been more specific.