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So I just picked up some old/new to me Chaos Dwarfs.

So far I have the following

7 Bull Centaurs

16 Misc Bloodbowl/Chaos Dwarf conversions

10 Chaos Dwarfs with Pole Axes

I am guessing I will need a unit of Blunderbuss Dwarfs.

How many are typically in a unit? Blunderbuss, Pole Axes and so on.

The artillery and heroes are going for stupid prices on Ebay, so it might be a while for them.


It was you that I was bidding against, sorry for bidding it up so high.

I like to run block of 20-30 warriors, but as for blunderbusses I was told to run them in 22-24 blocks if you use the LOA rules.

However I have no idea about the new 9th ED rules


It probably depends what list you use and which rules (although I can’t help you with answering your question for any of them). The three big competing rulesets right now are Age of Sigmar, 9th Age and 8th edition Warhammer.

Fuggit Khan:

You mentioned in another post that you are considering playing your Chaos Dwarfs in Kings of War games…For Kings of War (1st edition, I have not yet fully read all the 2nd edition rules) you would run the Blunderbusses in a block of 20 for a regiment, 40 for a horde. Blacksouls (two handed weapons) would be the same…as for playing them in WFB, it’s totally up to you how many you want to play in a unit (I prefer units of 25, but that’s just me).

As for Ebay, take your time, be patient and you will find some great deals.

And welcome to CDO, have fun collecting your Big Hats :cheers


If you are not a GW model purist, you might take a look at the Russian Alternatives models for that Big Hat look.  They sell them on Ebay.  I have several units and have found the quality of the models is high.  

For Kings of War you can run a blunderbuss unit (Decimators) at either a troop (10), regiment (20) or horde (40) size.  With KoW I find the larger unit sizes really make a difference in unit endurance and hitting power on the field.  Smaller units give you more maneuverability but really don’t hit hard and must be used very carefully or managed in concert with other units to get the most out of them.  The Decimators only have a 12 inch range, so unless you are very strategic they will get into combat.  I would recommend going with the 20 unit size at a minimum, unless your play style uses multiple smaller units in concert.  You might want to cut some cardboard in unit size, alot them as unit types and run through a few combat scenarios using the KoW ruleset to see what you find most effective before you decide what to pick up next.

The nice part about kings of war is that a unit is a standard size, so you can feel free to use unit filler as much as you want to make your unit complete.  While you may encounter some who do; no-one I have played with cares if there are actually 20 models on the movement tray.  I tend to vary size of bases as needed (Russian Alternative Great weapon models don’t like to line up as a unit on 20mm bases unless you are very very creative) and use unit fillers, etc. So long as the unit depth and frontage matches what a 20 man unit for that unit type should be no one complains.  If you only play KoW and don’t plan to play WHFB at all some people even just base all the models on a single unit size base.

As for where to start, pick up the rules if you haven’t already, then you will know what kind of units to build.  A blunderbuss unit is good. More standard models for standard unit types are also good to fill out your army.  If you are not a GW purist there are quite a large number of alternative models out there for Chaos Dwarves (though less so if you are big hat style only).


What they said … Check out our Wiki site for ideas


Are the models you got 4th Edition?