[Archive] What ranges do well with the 3rd edition chaos dwarfs?


I’ve recently started trying to make a chaos dwarf army that matches my age and I’m looking for what miniature ranges that go well with it. Hopefully some of you that are a bit more well versed on the subject can help me.

I’m struggling to find miniatures to use as command models, I’ve bought a copy of clams standard bearer but other then that I haven’t found much to use. How large is the hornblower from thebattleforge compared to mm90s? I also have a dwarf that looks like a slayer musician that beats a drum which is made out of a skull, I’m pretty sure that it’s a slayer so not really a chaos dwarf (can’t find him on solegends) but I like the look of him. Anyone got tips for models to use as standard bearers and musicians?

How large are the miniatures from bederken and battleforge compared to mm90s?

Any other tips on miniatures that go well with the theme (already ordered the twisted tales dwarfs)?


Pyro Stick:

I think clam might have some comparison pics of the bederken/battleforge/mm90’s in his blog so have a search there. Also check here for all (or most. no idea when it was last updated) of the chaos dwarf style models:


edit: missed that you already had the twisted tales dwarfs so i removed the link


I have some Bederken miniatures and they are a bit bigger than the MM90’s (at least, series one is, Dave King said that series 2 should be more of the same size IIRC).

Battleforge seems to be around-ish MM90/3rd chaos dwarf size but I am not to sure. Like Pyro said, Clam probably has some comparison pictures so it would be best to contact him for those.

Some 3rd ed dwarf musicians and standard bearers might do the trick.


The standardbearer and musician from this Bugman’s Brewers set link

Drummers from the Imperial Dwarf range link

More Imperial Dwarf Command units

Also, there are quite a few broken Chaos Dwarf and Dwarf miniatures from that era, which are quite good for conversions.

I made a Santa Claus out a Kirgund Widowmaker that was broken :wink:

Blue in VT:

A simple conversion that I did with a 3rd edition Xbow is shown here.





Pyro Stick:

If you are interested in doing conversions to add a bit of variety (although there’s so many unique 3rd edition chaos dwarf models i don’t think conversions are necessary for variety unless you have a damaged model like Blue’s excellent conversion) you might consider doing this simple weapon swap with the marauder dwarf spearmen: