[Archive] What to do with those darn Bfsp Miners?


Besides turning one into a sorcerer, What can I use these guys for? (besides GW CD’s, I’m not using any)


Besides turning one into a sorcerer, What can I use these guys for? (besides GW CD's, I'm not using any)

If you've got the sculpting talent, maybe alternate Blunderbussiers? Mix them in with forward firing blunderbussiers and you can make it look as if they're reloading/have already shot?

Barring that, standard bearers, random lantern bearers. Possibly give them man-catchers and use them as champions in slave units?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I turned mine into a Heavy Weapons Team. They’re already hoding picks in both hands so it’s easy to replace them with an axe.

These are my conversions. Heads came from the Chaos Warriors box. A friend of mine gave them to me. Axes are spares from a Dwarf Warriors box.


Hmmm, I might do that Astragant.

Tarrakk, those are awesome conversions! unfortunately, I may not be using weapons teams. But still, those are awesome Tarrakk!

Tarrakk Blackhand:


Yeah, I wish GW gave us 2 more miners. I like the miner’s special ability when I play my good Dwarfs against people, but they always seem to be out-manned and get pulverized very easily. I think things would be better if there was 10 of them. (I have 2 BFSP sets, 1 is for Chaos Dwarfs and 1 was for Dwarfs.)

Kera foehunter:

mr t are you hinting you need to more


There is a perfect box with 20 dwarf miners that easily can be turned to chaos dwarfs, with a lot of extra stuff in it (like a goblin in a small cage). My friend gave this box to me one year ago, and I’m very happy with it (though I haven’t converted as many minis as I would have wanted… yet…)

Tarrakk Blackhand:

More are always welcome! :smiley: Just have to find more Chaos Warrior heads as well!

You’re up late, by the way!


you could also cut of the arms, it might take some more time to get it right and use them as normal hand weapon shield guys.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I presume they’re one piece versions of the miner box miners? if so, I’m going to post up a tutorial soon, hopefully. Not tonight, but soonish.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Replacing the Miner’s arms with regular Warrior arms would be a challenge. Their hands cross infront of their faces and are moulded into their beards. Unless you has a Dremel tool with a mini cone grinding wheel on it, it would be a tough task. Also, you’d totally have to make the beards with Green Stuff.

It could be done, just more challenging than most conversions.