[Archive] What to use for a Great Taurus?


I want to start making a Great Taurus but i’m not shure what to use for it. I want to use GW parts to make it and I kinda wanna get the look of Ishkur Cinderhat’s Great Taurus (coolest Great Taurus i’ve ever seen). Any ideas?


Xander has one of the easiest at the moment. Looks great too:



I’ve seen it before, but to be honest it’s tp small for what I’m looking for.


Then you’re stuck. The stag is the best option at the moment for a Taurus conversion. Barring that its risking vultureBay for a big hat era one.


I see. Hmmm. Well I could scratch build one. But their are parts That I have to buy like the horns and wings. But other wise it might work. But what light weight material to use for the body?


Jup, got me one for 35 Euros. Bit much but I just wanted it. And now that I have it, it’s just lying around!:stuck_out_tongue:


Toy cow with wings, armour and “angry eyes” does the job. You just have to do a bit of reposing


sculpting it can’ be too hard, a bull centaur is not that dificult and I have to work smaller on one (which is harder to do detail) make the body yourself, get the balrog wings (the lava scales on it look great for CDs) and a bloodthirster head

or you could get the reaper brass bull and add wings


Maybe some conversion work on one of the new Juggernauts? A bit heavily armoured I know, but still. Perhaps a headswap with one of the old Greater Daemons of Slaanesh for the bull’s head (One of em had armour on it I think)? Or a minotaur’s head. The Jugger is about the only thing I can think of with the right sort of body shape. Alternatively, as agpo says, a toy bull with some mail ordered wings and a nice paint job. Or green stuff one. I did. Its a lot of work though, cows are a weird shape :slight_smile:


I would advise against using a jugger, you said the great stag was to small and a jugger is a eensy bit more little han that


@Obsidian: I really don’t like ebay that much. It probably even more expensive on ebay than it should be.

@AGPO: I’ll definatly think about it. It’s simple enough. But that might be to simple for me(no affence but it might be an insult to my artistic skills).

@minty: Sculpting might be the way to go for me. I can easily make it if I sculpt it.

@Baggronor: True that the new Juggernaouts would make a fairly nice canidate for this project but I woud have to do some seariusly major work on it to make it the right size I want it to be.

Kera foehunter:

the great stag is how im going 25.00 it cheep.


It’s to small for my tasts. Not a bad subtitute for a great taurus but still to small for my taste.


After the new Juggernaut comes out, I am using that with lots of conversion work done on it’s body, plus balrog wings more then likely. I dont think it is too hard, and after taking a grinder to it’s body I will be able to pimp it out Chaos Dwarf style.


I used a Carnifex from the 40k range, gave him wings and made him a “Bahamut Beetle” or Lava bug, instead of a tuarus.


I used a Carnifex from the 40k range, gave him wings and made him a "Bahamut Beetle" or Lava bug, instead of a tuarus.

Can we see it?

As for the taurus, Il stay with the new juggernaut and some extra hornes.


the jugganaught is Tiny though! it’s like a mini-taurus not a great one!


It doesn’t matter.

The model is pretty sweet, and after new runes and armour are sculpted on, it will look sweet. I will probably throw down the balrog wings on it also to give it more stature.


When I get a good enough pic, I will post my Bahamut Beetle.