[Archive] What would the Bull Centaur Temple be like?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

What are your views on this?

Since the Bull Centaurs are looked upon by CD’s to be a “Higher Form Of Chaos Dwarf” that only seem to protect their temple, get armour, hand weapons, great weapons and shields, but nothing else, what would you think that the life of a Bull Centaur would be?

I would expect the BC’s to be reveared, to be viewed in a simular fashion to Samurai Martial Artists. BC’s would be the Samurai of the CD world…the strongest and fastest fighters. The temple that they protect might not just be like protecting what many of us consider when we think of a church - I.E. a place to sit down, listen to a sermon, and worship.

For all we know, the BC Temples could be like the Dojo’s of Japan, where the temple was also a sort of “Spiritual School of Combat” where they teach mental discipline as well as martial combat. Holy and Deadly combined.

However, since there is no such thing as Bull Centaurs with (or as) Blunderbuss, handling bows and arrows, learning the magic of sorcerers, etc, I wonder if they would be able to comprehend anything but fighting and fighting techniques.

Also considering their physical make-up, the BC’s might just study fighting techniques that would be specific to themselves - both Barbaric and Equestrian since they are classified as being a Calvary/Infantry type of soilder - a soldier that can move as cavalry, but fight like infantry.

Maybe their “temple” is actually more like a glorified equestrian “horse course” with some jumps, water traps, ramps and stuffed dummies on pikes for the BC’s to punch and chop at with a set of axes or a heavy weapon as they ride by. Yet, they would be learning how to both jump across a small river or mud hole and then fight like a regular foot soilder. - who knows?

Also, if their mentality was “Set” at a limit between “Dwarf and Bull”, how much of their thinking is “Primal” and how much of their thinking is “Educated”? They might always be protecting their temple because it’s part of their instinct to do so instead of it being that they revere their temple for good, ethical reasons. - much like salmon always returning to their home pond to spawn.

What are your thoughts?


Small stone temple atop a harsh, merciless, craggy land of death traps and horror, that only the most powerfull can survive. Break a bull ankle there and your done for, make it to the top and you may meditate apon your journey… by beating 4 shades of bull shank into the other survivers. Once combat is finished the combatants can reflect apon war and the power they hold in their mighty form.

I think bull centaur combat is mostly instinct, balls of rage that know how to use an axe just by the natrual way it feels in there calloused hands, so training equipment may require a bit too much planning for them.

Ancient History:

Well, for one you’re going to have stables tended by slaves. Very few places to actually sit down, and relatively tall tables. Possibly a secret, sequestered area where females are kept. You’ll have smithies that make a combination of dwarf plate and barding for them to wear, and possibly alchemists whipping up unguents. Likely a small brewery and slaughter-house. And a pit or dungeon where the mutants and cripples are kept.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Sounds like a great building project!


I think that the temple would have to be impressive only the temple of Hashut and the sorcerers would be better, i see is as a all purpose building a strong fort that can be defended, a foundry for crafting fine suits of armour and weapons, a place of worship to hashut and any thing else that they might need it for , i think it would be pretty much self sustaining as well so that if they did come under siege they would be able to hold out for long periods of time , and it would have to be built some where impressive like the at the crest of a volcano where they can perform sacrifices to hashut


In the official fluff, the Bull Cenaturs are the temple guards, rather than having a temple of their own; the temple would have to serve the sorcerers too. I see their lives as similar to those of Space Marines - split between religion and training. Their residence would no doubt be attached but something tells me that Hashut’s chosen are tireless and don’t require sleep. Certainly they would live apart from all others, as I imagine they see all other creatures, even Chaos Dwarfs as beneath them. The temple itself I see as a great golden ziggurat (sp?) towering over the rest of Zharr Naggrund. By contrast the quarters of the bull centaurs would most likely be very sparce. I imagine an armoury staffed by the finest smiths, a training arena, including pens of fierce beasts and the strongest slaves for the bull centaurs to pit themselves against. For battle, the greatest bull centaurs would drill their brethren in many styles of combat, as well as adapted cavalry manouvres.


Would a CD BC sleep in the temple stable? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Would a CD BC sleep in the temple stable? ;P

Sleep is for the weak! :mask