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I found this Amazing model while I was sluething around yet again and I was wondering what people might classify this as. It looks like something that could fit along the lines of a Kollosus if you work it right make it a little bit larger. A Chaos Dwarf Tower actually being possessed by a Daemon. Or its base size could make it an Inferno Golem. Either thought everyone would like this :cheers


oh wow,this is funny

totally insane,like it

what is this model called?

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

It’s Rackham Legends. Not sure about the English name, Tower of something something I believe.


Its a Demon Tower of Mid Nor for Confrontation, Rackham.

Edit: Yupp, its a pretty sweet model… :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Looks like that crazy thing out of the film Labyrinth (that one with david bowie)


Looks like that crazy thing out of the film Labyrinth (that one with david bowie)

Pyro Stick
just as i read this post david bowie came on. freaky.

ive seen lots of people use dwarves of mid nor for chaos dwarves. As far as i remember they have a chess theme to them, hence the tower.


I cant find the Dwarfs of Mid-Nor on the Rackham website so I am asuming the line has been discontinued which is a shame cuz they look amazing but I did find an online store that carried the whole line so you can see the models Fantization Miniatures

They look like a combination of Chaos Dwarfs and Undead which is really cool. at least I think :stuck_out_tongue:

I would actually love to see CD’s take a turn more towards a mutated look like these guys. Being taken by the grip of Chaos


Dont know if this would help Bazil but here the Game profiles it will show you what all thier miniatures look like even though they sold all of the unpainted ones to a Different website



Thats great thanks Patrikson

I found a model that would make a perfect Inferno Golem, it is a Guardian Construct by Magnifecent Egos. They have several great Dwarf models that can be used for Chaos Dwarfs


IMO Rackham doesn’t produce the metal range models anymore.

So you can only buy remaining stocks at some online stores like this one (mentioned at the Rackham webside - I bought some stuff - no problems!):  http://www.ludikbazar.com/index.php?cPath=460_4271_542_3867

The chess themed mid Nor Dwarfs are these minis: http://i381.photobucket.com/albums/oo255/Zanko/Worm1.jpg?t=1237633702

I don’t found the old box cover at the web!

The Daemon-Tower is cool but I’m not really happy with the two guys above …they look too much like German soldiers of the WWI!



I have to agree that the tower thing looks like something out of Labyrinth - which in my book earns it extra points :slight_smile:

I also like the Guardian Construct there Bazil, although it looks a little tall at the minute for a Chaos Dwarf Construct - if it were me I would either i) bulk out the waist with some clockwork bitz, or ii) take it down a size or so by shortening the legs and torso. But with no size comparison, I might be talking waffle :slight_smile: Great finds there


Rackham sold their forge when they switched to making pre-painted plastics. They sold all their old metal figures stock to Ludik Bazaar who are selling them on their website. Not sure if the Tower Thing posted above is there or not.