[Archive] What your favorite Season

Kera foehunter:

I have to say fall . As the three turn colors and the cooler weather

there Something about all the harvest . With each city having

weekend festables the selling of apple cider and pumkins!

and the cool weather where you where light jackets

also get those days where it cold and raining,you can light a fire in the fire place curl up on the couch and read a book.

or snuggle up to you mate and watch a movie and look out side and go burrrr.


Spring or Autumn, when its not too hot or too cold… although in the UK we seem to have Autumn/Winter for most of the year…


Fall. For pretty much the same reasons that Kera posted. Could also be because I was born in September.:hat off

Though I do like all seasons I must admit. Each has its own special qualities.


I like summer the best! he days are longer, much more daylight, i can wear shorts, go to the beach, and generally be nice and warm. I have some minor circulatory problems which makes me a bit like a cold blooded lizard, as in once im cold i stay cold for a long time, so being nice and warm is important to me. Unfortunately here in the UK i think its going to be a very cold winter with lots of snow.


I’d have to say summer as well, mainly because of the long daylight.  As Baggronor said here in the uk we have basically wet summer and cold autumn as our 2 seasons.  There are some hot days here and there.

Generally we don’t seem to have proper winters, at least where I have lived.  Sure there is some snow now and then, frost some days, but mostly it’s just cloudy and raining from october through to march.  Devon used to have proper winters when I lived there, there is a lot of high ground and roads get hard to travel on because of the snow (we only seem to have grit lorries, no snow ploughs).


Autumn here as well. our summers can get very humid which I can’t stand.


Got to be Autumn. At least, Autumn as I seem to remember it, rather than as it has been recently. I’ve always prefered cold weather, and we don’t seem to get proper winters over here any more. I like the sharpness in the air and the crispy leaves underfoot.

Pyro Stick:

I would rather be too cold than too hot so my favourite season is winter but only when it actually snows a lot. If its just cold and rainy then i hate it, but its still better than being hot and stuffy.

Kera foehunter:

Well today was the tyical autum high in the 60s

i also for got about the halloween stuff like going to haunted houses

corn mazes and wagon rides !! i do not know if this local stuff??

The haunted houses are old house that people make scary and have you walk threw where they dress up like monster to try to scare you ??

here they have a wagon ride where it kinda of the same where drive you alond a trail and monster and paople with a chaimn saw try to scare you

I don’t like winter !! in the Ohio valley we little get snow

we get ice and sleet and single didgets and 2 months of grey ski and no sun !! very Depressing !!


And here I thought the Seasons were American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, NASCAR, and Premire League Football (Soccer for the Americans).

Where I live there seems to be two seasons (too hot and too cold) with a couple of weeks of nice in between. Of those I prefer the too cold over the too hot myself. But tempertures of the 60’s would be great.


I like winter the best.

Cozy blankets, hot coco, snow and the beauty of winter makes it the best.

Although Autumn is also beautiful with the changing leaves; the reds, yellows and oranges.


I’ll second that one Theory_Man

Winter is the best ^.^ I mean, what other season has snow and snowballs and makes you wear warm clothing and a scarf?

The end of autumn is pretty nice aswell but that is due to the fact it is getting colder, I like cold weather :slight_smile:


Winter for me as well hate being to hot, just love those cold crisp winter days when there seems to be no one around even better when its snowed :slight_smile:


My favourite season is Winter. I like it most because of the healthy weather of it. And if you are telling about the American seasons then I love the American football premier league.


I love the “golden spring” with all the different shades of the leaves and the still shiny and warmth days! :hat off



i am a fall fan, food, the weather is kinda cooler down in south texas, and i can wear my many jackets. it also reminds me when i used to live in other cities, plus my birthday is in november.


Im not sure, i like a bit of both really, bumming around in shorts in Summer, and Wrapping up warm in big coats in Winter… if i had MY way, there would be no such thing as spring or autumn, half of the year would be hot, half of the year would be cold :stuck_out_tongue:

- Warpy

black hammer:

spring and autumn. were i live the winters are cold, windy, and dry and in the summer the air quality is bad, it gets way hot, and it’s even drier.


My favorite Season is Autumn when the leaves are falling. The Climate is neither cool nor hot in these season.


My favorite season has got to be summer, mainly that I can spend an entire day outside in the beer garden drinking a good selection of ciders and lagers. Something I spent many a summer day in the ending months of university :hat off