[Archive] What's the Relationship between Hashut and the Big Four Chaos Gods?


By the Big Four I mean of course Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh.

From my understanding the Chaos Dwarfs want to conquer everything. The Beastmen, Warriors of Chaos and Daemons want to destroy everything.

If the latter three Chaos armies actually were in a position to reasonably destroy everything (and not just the Empire) would the Chaos Dwarfs side with Chaos and join the nihilistic crusade or would they ultimately side with the Forces of Order (so they could enslave them later of course).

That is not without precedent. Not all the Forces of Destruction are in line with Chaos. Some Vampire Counts intervened to defend the Empire from Chaos before (so they could conquer it later). My understanding from Tamurkahn is that the Chaos Dwarfs are more like Dark Elves in their goals and methods than Warriors of Chaos.


Hashuts the Main Dude and those other four are his bitches.


That’s how it seemed to me as well …

Although I have read somewhere there are a few different theories on who and/or what Hashut is…

I’ve heard that he is a lesser chaos god, I’ve heard he was once a dwarf lord who had something of an occult following and became tainted by the chaos magic storm. I’ve heard that he was a daemon prince of khorne or something who betrayed them and was chained underground until the dwarfs who left their home and went north found him and released him. Also heard he is something else entirely , a being from the warp who made a pact with some of the dwarfs that he would sve them from the demons if they promised to worship him …

I haven’t actually read tamurkhan, but I’ve read almost all the fan made army lists and they all say something different…So I’m not exactly sure what the real story is but all of the overall concepts of each story is pretty similar



A link to CDOs very own wiki. Not much official lore on the dude.

I think of him as a greater demon turned lesser chaos god by worship. Just like the horned rat of the skaven - he’s also a lesser chaos god.


Hashuts the Main Dude and those other four are his bitches.

I couldn't help but think at the Big Lebowski with a bull's head (and a White Russian of course:D).

I think that CDs rely too much on Chaos Warriors to dismiss them so lightly (they are our best customers)... Although I can imagine Chaos Dwarfs lending a hand to an Order coalition just to slaughter some Vanilla Dwarf in the battle's aftermath :hashut


Yea the popular story seems to be he was a daemon prince/lieutenant I khorne who rebelled and was banished to some deep underground cave . When the dwarfs who left there home found him and released him, Hashut saves them from the approaching daemons in return from their worship…

If you read the fan made army books on issuu though, they tell a slightly different story . Which is actually pretty interesting


Considering this is aChaotic deity we’re talking about, there’s also the possibility it’s just Tzeentch screwing with people.

Being serious, as Bloodbeard said, he’s of the same standing as the Horned Rat. He’s a lesser god and just has some overlap with some of the Big 4.

If the Chaos gods operated like the Greco-Roman Pantheon, then he’d probably slot in as the son of Khorne and Tzeentch (due to the various Khorne connections people have picked up on and his god of magic aspect being shared with Tzeentch; the Horned Rat being a Plague and Magic god would presumably be the son of Nurgle and Tzeentch in this scenario (and here I was thinking it’d be Slaanesh who’d be the sluttiest of the Chaos gods :p), so that would make Hashut and the Horned Rat half-brothers 0.o). However, as far as I’m aware we have no indication that the chaos gods operate in such a fasion so we can probably rule out this idea.

Kera foehunter:

Hashuts the Main Dude and those other four are his bitches.

But you for got that he was Grimnir, the first dwarf slayer that went thew the chaos gate to this mortal realm.  on his way to make chaos god his bitches ta da

ohhh i o most forgot while he was at the slaanesh stip club he got into a little trouble and ending up owing a lot of money . he change his name to Hashut.


These are exactly the kind of things I like for a well done background: dark concepts which are not totally clarified.

From my point of view He (as long as Hashut is a god, He deserves the capital letter;P) could be both a lesser Chaos God or some sort of daemon. Both things are more or less the same in the universe of Warhammer.

In other ways, He must be one more incarnation of mortal beings feelings-tiranny, fire, etc.


There are a whole load of ideas about Hashut, but nothing is confirmed beyond the idea that He is a Warhammer god. What that means has changed from the old days of a clear personality with massive power, to a much more vague mash of emotions and urges that appears to have intent.

Another thing that does seem to have changed in Warhammer is that the Chaos marauders aren’t necessarily evil just because they worship the Chaos gods, they just do what the gods ask or risk nasty things happening to them.


I love the idea of Hashut being a daemon prince of Khorne learning the powers of magic and pissing khorne off and having a duel in a volcano, Khorne winning and trapping him keep in the earth for all eternity. But Khorne not predicting that dwarfs digging as far down as they can to escape the tide of chaos, Panicing they chance upon a flaming creature that will save them if only they release him from his bonds.


I had one possible working origin for all the Warhammer gods is that the Old Ones and Chaos Gods had children. Not in the Graeco Roman sense of actually mating but that their conflicting energies merged with the hopes and fears of mortals and created gods. The Horned Rat would be about 90% Chaos/10% Old One. Sotek about 60% Old One. Morr about 80% Old One and so on.

Then again some gods would be risen mortals. Sigmar and Nagash. Maybe Hashut would qualify in that vein if he started as a corrupted Slayer.