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Anyone seen it before? It was way up on the google results (I was searching for Dieter Helsnicht background, but it linked straight to the Chaos Dwarf page.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

I saw it before when searching for White Dwarf numbers. I believe I was searching for issues which involved Dwarfs. I also still know this site helped me sort it out :slight_smile:


On a related topic, anybody know where I can find the Dieter Helsnicht stuff? The internet is failing me.


It’s an unofficial White Dwarf article database - but it only has the contents - not the article itself off cause!

An the reason for the link would be, that WD172 (UK) has this article:

Dieter Helsnicht: (Chaos Dwarfs) Doom Lord of Middenheim

’Eavy Metal: Dieter Helsnicht, Doom Lord of Middenheim

Don’t have these anymore, so I really can’t tell if it holds some background info as well. But if I remember correctly the 4ed Rulebook “Warhammer armies: Undead” has him as a special character.

And please don’t ask why it’s labeled Chaos Dwarf :slight_smile: - should have said Undead I’m sure!

Ancient History:

I remember updating that entry in the references page on the wiki. Dieter’s magical sword was supposedly made by Chaos Dwarfs.


Was he the really lame looking model on horse for the 5th ed undead?  Or was he on a manticore…?


Ok. Answered my own question http://solegends.com/citcat94/cat1994052-03.htm

Not that bad actually, I think the one I remember was a conversion without the back pole.


I used that list as a base for the first version of the [[Choas Dwarf References]] which is now on thw iki (if it is running again)


So nobody knows where to find Helnicht fluff?

Thommy H:

He was a necromancer from Middenheim, known as the “Doom Lord”. More than that I don’t know, I’m afraid. I only had a brief look on google, but I imagine the background is out there if you search hard enough for it.

Pyro Stick:

From the old undead book:

Deiter Helsnicht was once a great and much feared wizard who was forced to flee from the city of middenheim when it was discovered that he was a Necromancer. From his secret fortress in the Forest of Shadows he slowly built up his strength and plotted his revenge. After decades of preparation his evil plans reached fruition, and the Doom Lord marched forth at the head of a hugh army of undead creatures to attack Middenheim. After a long campaign and many victories he was finally stopped at the Battle of Beeckerhoven by a combined Empire and Kislevite force. The Doom Lord’s body, however, was never found and it is commonly supposed that he escaped on the back of the manticore he rides in battle.

About his sowrd:

Chaos Runesword - This weapon was forged by Grungi Ironheart, a Dwarf Runesmith who was corrupted and led astray by the Chaos Gods.

Pyro’s Dieter Helsnicht