[Archive] When 9th edition comes, What do we do?


Ok so the rumours that are circulating have near enough been confirmed at this point.


Though 8th edition books are confirmed to be compatible, Using Tamurkhan in the next few years is going to be tough. Some forgeworld models are now oop and the Tamurkhan book is oop.

I was here in the bad times with Ravening hordes. It’s going to be worse this time, If theres no shelf space for Lizardmen or Bretonians i don’t see Chaos Dwarfs appearing in a while.

So 6 factions will be in the game.

) Chaos : Demons + Beasts + Mortals
2) Elves
3) Empire ( Dwarfs & Ogres included )
4) Undead
5) Orcs and Goblins
6) Skavens

What faction would Chaos dwarfs in the game work with? Obviously fluffwise it would be nice for the big Chaos Book to have Chaos dwarfs but that’s unlikely.

Ohhh and Lizardmen have gone to space.
Bretonnians gone to.


Please take it here gIL.

There’s already a lot of threads like this.