[Archive] Where can I get Chaos Dwarfs?


Where would be the best place that isn’t ebay, to get chaos dwarfs, I’ve been looking for a while but can’t find anywhere and no one seems interested in trading for what I’ve got to offer.

Please anyone tell me where I can get some, or look at my topic and want to trade, I’m desperate at this point

Time of Madness:

Here’s some


It really depends on how much disposable cash you have laying around. It’s pretty easy to put together a 2000pt list with $500.00.

If you are having no luck trading your stuff, maybe sell it off and use the proceeds to pick up an army.

Some other good places to look are on Bartertown and Ebay.

Time of Madness

Thommy H:

Why not eBay? That’s seriously your best bet.


yup tons available on ebay!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Maybe the guy just doesn’t want to bother getting an account, hooking up Paypal and all of that.

Time of Madness:

Maybe the guy just doesn't want to bother getting an account, hooking up Paypal and all of that.

Tarrakk Blackhand
Well if that's the case then he will run into problems trying to get the models. The majority of people who are selling chaos dwarfs tend to be after cash rather then trade.

I think bartertown would be the best place for him to try. That way he can try trading his stuff for what he is looking for.

Time of Madness

*EDIT* Here's the link



Yeah… Ebay is by far your best shot.

Thommy H:

Yeah, there’s not a huge amount of advice we can give if someone is unwilling to make online transactions. Trading is nice and all, but I tend to obtain most goods and services using money. Barter economies are so 5th Century.


ebay. Its going to cost you, but you can find an entire army from time to time.