[Archive] Where can we find the PDF of the


Chaos Dwarf army list, ive looked because a few people on Warseer have asked about it and i directed them here but all the links are down and the PDF link goes to the main GW site now :(.

Where can it be found?


Thanks to one of the members on the site i now have a list, but do we need one for the site if possible?


Thanks to one of the members on the site i now have the list, but do we need one for the site?

We can't post it. As has been mentioned over and over it is essentially protected by IP and as such the site can't officially host it. Even if GW used to make it available for free.

Thommy H:

Just use Cornixt’s attractive, 7th Edition-style version.


Just use Cornixt's attractive, 7th Edition-style version.

Thommy H
Which comes up for me a 404 error :(



I think that’s the point… Its a link to nowhere, the road to hell/oblivion. The April Fools, perhaps…

Thommy H:

No, I just had the link wrong (it’s wrong on the wiki for some reason):

Try this.


Hmm, I thought I checked it. Oh, well, I will fix it soon. We have the original too, so now comes the time when we are justified in hosting it ourselves. I’ll do it in the next week if no one else does before me.



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