[Archive] Where is this CD from?


I haven’t noyiced him on Stuff of Legends before, and was wondering when he was released (and if he is even a CD):


What a wierd model… Not quite chaosy to be a Chaos Dwarf yet not normal enough to be a Dwarf… hmmmm

- Tallhat


That’s the dwarf that you could get if you collected a load of tokens and sent off for him. You couldn’t buy him so he isn’t common at all. Stuff of Legends think he might be a Chaos Dwarf because of all the spikes.


Pre-slotta chaos dwarf i had him but cant find the mini :frowning: pre warhammer this one more d&d era:hat


Thanks all. :cheers


According to CcmWiki he is part of a “Nomads of the Past”-line (1 pic. Row 6) - and labeled “Chaos Dwarf (Speciality Sets voucher)” - but don’t know anything else about it.