[Archive] WHFB 8th edition 2500 pts list


Hi folks,

wanted to share my list which I play in a local league which is (at the moment still) played with 8th edition WHFB rules, German COMBAT comp. I was in a hurry and made a rather universal list and it worked well in the first game.

Sorcerer-Prophet, General, lvl4, Bale Taurus, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield, Earthing Rod, Lore of Hashut - 600 Pts.

Infernal Castellan, GW, The Mask of the Furnace, BSB - 200 Pts.

Daemonsmith Sorcerer, Scroll, Lore of Fire - 120 Pts.

Hobgoblin Khan, Giant Wolf - 52 Pts.

Hobgoblin Khan, Giant Wolf - 52 Pts.

30 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard, GW, M, S, C, Std. of Swiftness - 497 Pts.

29 Hobgoblin Cutthroates, Shields, M, S - 142.5 Pts.

Iron Daemon War Engine, Hellbound - 310 Pts.

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher - 100 Pts.

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher - 100 Pts.

K’daii Destroyer - 325 Pts.

Total: 2498.5

Feedback or questions always welcome.


I don’t know the comp. Keep that in mind

Pretty classic list with good anchor points, some warmachines, some aggresiveness, and some steadfast removing blocks. A little low on expendable chaff, but arent we always.

Negative: CD are expensive, but you still try to accomplish everything. This army is not a gunline, it’s both too fast and too slow.

That being said: I like it. I hate the pure gunline, so everything with Destroyer+Bale Taurus is refreshing. I would like to see even more agressivenes (Hobows, Fireglaive core center that marches in the middle, Split Bale and Kdaii on the flanks, and assist them with 2*4 Bulls) but that’s quite a leap in figures used. You have a lot of good choices, that can easily perform.

Good ideas:

Consider Lore of Death on the Sorc-Prophet. You will be in their face, so spirit leach and fate will be cheap, Purple sun can get positioned. Doom and Darkness can win games, And both the big and small soulblight can be gamebreaking.

Consider Lvl 2 on the Lore of Fire. Flaming Sword on the Deathshriekers Large template will decimate elves, skavens, goblins and other tarpits.

Always consider Chalice if you follow FAQ, its basicly a reverse Casket of Souls in both your and the enemys magic phase, which doesn’t affect you.