[Archive] WHFB / Chronopia Dwarf alternatives


Hello I am working on a small hobby project making an alternate WHFB Dwarf army.

[Boo! Hiss…]

But some of you may be interested.

I am using the Dwarfs from the OOP Chronopia game who were divided into somewhat distinctive beast clans.

Here is my first attempt with a unit of Vulture Swordsmen. Very third/forth edition feel with only two poses but a full command is intended.


Here are a few Blood Bone Axemen I have cleaned up and mounted on bases/tray. I had rounded the pointy toed boots on the first few and felt compelled to trim them all down.

While I think a full unit of 20 with command would look impressive they are some of the few sculpts that I could easily add rifles to. It all depends on the rifle size but I envision them holding the barrel with the stock resting on the ground. I may have to reposition some arms.


Very interesting project. The Chronopia dwarf range hold so many awesome models - with the blood bones and dark tusk being my favorites.

Hopefully we’ll see some of them painted very soon.

Keep it up :cheers