[Archive] WhFB3 Battle: The Disturbed Slumber - Part 2


Apologies its been a few days since the last part, but family have been  up to see me since Friday and leave tomorrow. Talk about stressful but here at last is Part 2:

Turn 2:

On my left flank the Goblins ranks moved forward and unleashed Hell… well Ok maybe not Hell but Fanatics which failed to roll high enough to hit.

Just when I started to count my blessings the Greenskin Artillery opened up making a rather large dent in my Skeleton Warriors.

The Magic Phase saw yet enough Leg Breaker spell, this time on Sir Boney the Black reducing his movement by half.

Why mussst you tessst me mortalss!

In my Shooting Phase the Crossbows and Bow armed Skeleton Kossars aimed at the Fanatics and along with another Fireball later that turn removed the closest problem.

As you can see Kanbok doesn’t like Death Riders, I swear I heard something about needing Boarboys… hehe.

Both the Giant and Orc archers turned tail and fled from the Death Riders and gained 2 Free Hacks.

In my Magic Phase I summoned a Undead Champion and 4 Skeleton Warriors and fired yet another Fireball.

Turn 3

With most the Greenskin Horde running their wasn’t much Jens could do, his Goblins passing their Fear Test charged my new unit of 4 Skeletons and sending 3 back to the cold hard ground.

My 3rd turn was lacklustre ending with me preparing/lining up charges for the 4th turn (Which never happened). As you can see from the final pictures below the Undead were the victors!