[Archive] Which bases do you prefer?


I’ve been thinking that I will rebase my Chaos Dwarf army.  When GW get round to redoing them if they look good I will have an awesome looking army if I am prepared.

So I’ve been thinking ahead, and trying to decide what sort of bases I would like.

I’ve narrowed it down to these three.

So which one do you prefer and why?  Ignore the painting on these.  Whichever one I do the ‘sand’ on them would be painted as hot ashes and the rest as grey rock.

Bear in mind as well that I’ll be damned if I’m paying £1 per base (more or less) for a whole army, so I’ll be resin casting any of these if I buy them.  Another important thing to note is that number 2 is actually  25mm bases, so I would be trying to sculpt something myself as close as I could to that for casting (or buy some and cut them down).

I like #1 because it will be nice and flat, so the models will sit easily with no work.  Same for #3.  #2 has quite a nice chaos theme to it, and if I went with that I could try and make it easier for models to stand on.  #3 has a cool mystical temple feel to it.

Number 1


Number 2


Number 3



I voted #1 because #2 would be a nightmare to stick models to and #3 does not really scream chaos dwarfs, more of a Tzeentch base.


i voted for #2

cause it looks so freaking awesome

#1 is also quite cool

microarts makes tons of cool stuff


I like #3 cause it looks very wasteland like and just screams chaos dwarfs to me.


ll of them are gorgeous. I realy have problems to choose. I’d go with 2 because it looks a little bit like mine :slight_smile:

add some skulls and you’re fine.


i like 1 and 3 (voted 3). Number 2 are a bit over the top for my tastes :smiley:


Number 2 for me, thoses bases just scream dark lands and chaos dwarfs :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Wow why are there so many votes for number 2? It just doesnt make sense to use them. They would be an absolute nightmare to rank up probably and i dont think the models would look good on them at all and thats not what i imagine the dark lands to look like. If they were that rugged i doubt even chaos dwarfs would live there. Number 3 would be good for character models like Sorcerors because it kind of looks like its in some kind of shrine surrounded by the skulls of sacrifices.


Yeah 2 is way over the top.

Border Reiver:

I think that No. 2 would be best for display bases only - as ranking those puppies up would be a nightmare - not to mention the pain in the tonsils that it would be to stick a units worth of troops to them and the difficulty of matching this for Bull Centaurs, monsters and warmachines.

No.1 would look suitable for any dwarfs - especially for our western kin.

No. 3 gets my vote as the chaos symbols emphasize the different nature of this army


cavalry and 40mm would not be a problem actually (http://www.shop.microartstudio.com/images/20_Chaos_Bases_25x50mm.jpg). 50mm would just be 2 cavalry stuck together.

I agree though that they would be harder to rank if I am scaling them down to 20mm.  I’ve found out they are solid resin, so that would not be easy at all.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I really like no.2 but this seems better suited for a daemon army. I voted 3 because you can’t go wrong with skulls and broken tiles in the plains of zharr. :slight_smile:


I voted for No. 1!

The reasons are:

1. I like them most

2. IMO they are ideal for tabletop and for a showcase - they fit in nearly every landscape without a problem

3. they look most natural and realistic - for me it’s quite important



I also do like no #2 - especially the awesome paintjob they did on those - but you are aware that they don’t do those in 20x20mm (yet)?

But I voted for non of them. Think they alle steal - way to much attention. Think the are only useable for characters.

I like more simpler versions like these:

Desert Wasteland Square Fantasy Bases


i really like *2, but so you realise they are 25mmX25mm?? or are you wanting to base them on larger than the normal dwarf ones?


I know they are 25mm :wink: (see above).

It would be a lot of work to saw/file them down to 20mm and still look ok even if I am recasting, so it’s something I would need to really think about.