[Archive] Which country do you come from?


Hi tyranic dwarf lords!

We all speak -more or less- english on the forum, but I presume we are not all from UK or USA.

Canadian? Swedish? Japanese?

Let us discover from which part of the world you rule Ziggurats.


Me : I’m french but I live in Argentina.


HA! From the US, here. Texas.

Pyro Stick:

Scotland wooooo!


netherlands overhere


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. :wink:


Bromölla, Skåne, Sweden!!!


New York. And no not NYC, there is more to New York then NYC. Specfically I live in Rochester, about 350 miles upstate from NYC. And yes, NY is that big. :wink:


My ziggurat is sited in Ontario, Canada, but it was originally constructed in Somerset, UK before it was relocated after 16 years.


Stockholm, sweden!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Austria, right at the beautiful Lake of Constance. And contrary to popular belief, we do not spend all of our time here eating cakes and cookies. Some of us actually serve a dark lord and do their best to turn everybody’s beard curly! :hashut


Born and raised in England, now living in the Seattle area of the US of A



I´m from Cuenca, a little city in Spain.


I’m living and was raised in England, my mother is Irish and my Father part Scottish, part Viking. NExt year I will stay periodically in India, Dublin and Toulouse. Talk about confused


Grande Brittanique!

I don’t know why i said it in french… :S just wanted to be interesting didn’t i?

But anyway, i reside in the dark plains of Yorkshire! May the sheer name of it strike fear into your hearts!


What part of Yorkshire are you in Warplock? Dispite Lancastrian roots Yorkshire is one of my favorite places on Earth.

Kera foehunter:

i live in the usa Kanawa station.


Newfoundland… get out your maps…


New Foundland is part of Canadialand (I believe) who are my grim northern neighbors with their communist health care and foul, heretical language. I hail from California and live around the Bay Area, which is the area around San Francisco which also happens to = AWESOME!


Lord Zarkov:

Born in Berkshire, raised in Leafy Surrey (both England)

Am also a Kiwi citizen though (my dad was born in Auckland)