[Archive] Which fanlist to use?


G’day fellow Dawi Zharr!

I took my Big Hats to an interstate tourney in August and caused a sensation, just by bringing Chaos Dwarfs. Incidently, the other players referred to the CD as “Teapots”. The Tournament Organiser has offered to allow a fanlist to be used for their next tournament in March.

I am a little confused by what seems to be on offer. Our last State Championships allowed the Indy GT list (and attracted 2 CD armies). Is this the most acceptable fanlist for tourneys? Has it been updated for 8th? Should I try for another fanlist?

So, Which is the best fanlist regarding rules? Fluff is not a factor in this case. Also which is the fanlist that is most acceptable to other tournament players?

Thommy H:

Use mine.

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Use mine.

Thommy H
Yup, use his!


Thommy’s is the only fanlist that I’m aware of that’s been updated to 8th.


Not exactly true. The Indy GT list has an 8th ed FAQ, available at


as to “the fanlist that is most acceptable to other tournament players”, as far as I know that’s the Indy GT list.

Thommy H:

Jesus, that’s one hell of an FAQ…


I actually do not even know what it says. To be honest, 8th has killed my enthusiasm for the game, I hate to say… Been playing mostly Malifaux of late.

Kevin is definitely doing an 8th ed version, incorporating the FAQ. Should be out within a couple of months.


Read the ones you find interesting, and choose the one that is the best fit for you.

Thommy’s is my personal favourite.