[Archive] Which rules do you use for Chaos Dwarfs the most?


I have been planning to do this poll for a while, but with the latest threads appearing on this it makes sense to do it now.

Are you sticking with the Ravening Hordes rules or are you now using the Indy GT rules? Are you using something else entirely? If you aren’t currently playing then you can give your intent, assuming that nothing changes between now and when you start playing (like GW announcing a CD book, local tournaments using one list or the other, etc). This is not about which you prefer, but what you actually use.

Border Reiver:

although I spent a lot of time playtesting the Indy GT list I still use the RH list most often. Although it’s old as dirt, it is still the official GW rules for the army and as such no one raises a fuss.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I tend to still use the RH list. Simple reasons, really: it’s an actual CD list. It’s more official than the rest (in terms of CDs, not proxy lists lol), I have it to hand and I haven’t printed out the Indy GT list.

I may print it one day, but I’m not sure I shall and, for that reason above any other, I won’t be using it.

Thommy H:

I don’t play with my Chaos Dwarfs often - when my fiancée and I do find time for a game, we have four armies between us to chose from, so the stunties don’t get to see much action. Almost every game I’ve played with them though has been using Ravening Hordes, but last time I tried out my own Army Book.


I very rarely play with RH.  I’ve probably played 3 games with it in the last year (1500pts with proxy hobgoblins, all losses as I recall…).  My own list I don’t play too often.  I play as dwarfs almost all the time, occasionally with the addition of a great taurus (if my opponents agree).  I’ve yet to convince them to allow BC in the list ;)  But seeing as I don’t have any anyway it’s a moot point.

I managed to get in a couple of games recently for animosity (draw and loss), but other than that I probably only get to play about twice a month normally, sometimes a gap of months.

For me the hobby is entirely about collecting/ painting and discussing on forums, gaming is a lot less important.


I’ve been busy with Warriors of Chaos all year long. Might pull out the evil stunties for next year… or I might just do Skaven instead. :slight_smile:


I admit I will be using the indy rules … I dont have the RH ones I am afraid :frowning:


Ravenin hordes: it’s official, legal in most of the tournaments here in Italy and nobody ever complains… and I’ve learnt to use it finding it funny to play :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

i played r h rules…

i like to use the dwarf of chaos indy rules

but i have to wait till i get home


Dwarfs, largely because they are legal and reasonably competitive. RH, for me, is too dated and also not usable at the GT.

hashuts lil helper:

My Gt’s all accept the indy rules, and that’s what I use exclusively, having used the RH list for many years, and finding the only way I could make it competitive is not a way that I like to play.


I don’t play CD (as I don’t have any models) bit I would, hypothetically play RH.


Indy GT list all the way. I like it a lot more than the RH list, although I will use that at tournies if I have no choice.

Counts-as Dwarfs or similar is not an option for me.


The CD’s they must have a oficial army book own, as Skavens, as Beast of Chaos… etc.