[Archive] Which thing inspire you a lot ..?


Hi everyone,

I just want to know the answer of you all… My question is that whenever you lose your strength then which inspires you a lot ? Who is your inspiration ? What thoughts does inspire you ?


Not sure entirely what context we’re talking about here, personal inspiration?

I think on a personal level I don’t have people to inspire me, but thinking about what happens if I’m not strong/ motivated/ driven etc is what inspires me to work harder.

Is that what you mean?  Or are we talking about hobbies etc?

Or seeing as this is a first post… Is this a spambot with a deep psychological question!?

If this is a spambot I may leave it open anyway, as it’s an interesting question.

Pyro Stick:

I think this guy is a spam bot. He doesnt reply to anyone and all his threads are in off topic.


The console reply was interesting for a spambot, as it was directly on topic and not a thread starter… Damn they’re getting smart these days.

I will ban it anyway, alton if you are not a spambot just re-register.


The console thread was started by a spambot too, so I guess his reply was either created especially for it or is a copy of a reply made by a real person on an identical thread on another forum. Very clever, they are even looking long term. I guessed this guy was a spambot from a previous post, but couldn’t be 100% certain.


Either that or they’re hiring desperate people from impoverished areas…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I think the point of this thread was to sell bibles to us eventually. :smiley:


Or to sell all info to a big company which then will produce chaos dwarfs because they have bought out the copyright? XDD We will never know :wink:

Kera foehunter:

um back to the posted topic guys


I don’t think their is a topic since this was started by a crafty spam bot.


I did a google on the text of the first post and came up with hundreds of identical spambot posts.