[Archive] whirlwind goign cheap on fleabay




It wont go that cheap i missed the last one by 5 mins :madit went for £14.5 what a bargain! , i am hoping to get this one he he he :hat


Someone better jump on that before SWSNBN gets wind of it…


Looks like a good deal, so long as it doesn’t shoot up in the next 22hrs.


It was going cheap until someone told a sitefull of Chaos Dwarf fans…


yeah i won it for £10.49 slowly but surely like a tortoise.Now i just need to stumble across a jugger and butt cannon (fat chance):hat

Edit .oh yeah and a marauder mage:rolleyes:

Pyro Stick:

Nice win there. Its got the wheel scythes and everything. I bet SWSNBN comes to this site to see if we have found any deals that she can snatch…