[Archive] White Dwarf 306

Ghrask Dragh:


I’m going to take this up to GD and see if it can get me through the first round and a nice little badge in the diorama cat’. Any C&C are always welcome, I won’t be able to do anything too drastic though as I am painting a Chaos Dwarf Lord for the comp’…


which will be taking up most of my painting time.



Awesome work and good luck. Cheers!

Uzkul Werit:

Ah ha. I’ve seen that one before. You won that competition in Cardiff with that.

You’ll be getting in early too. sighs

Lord Darkash:

Looks great, only thing i can think to suggest is to dirty up the 'nids abit. They look very clean for creatures running around a battlefield. (I think its the details they look at more than anything else.)

Unless 'nids are like cats, in that they wait till the enemies in front of them then promptly sit down and start “cleaning” themselves for all to see…