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I’ve heard some rumblings for a while and I wonder if this is a cost cutting move? Sure they say something like "the shift to digital blah blah blah… " of course it couldn’t be because it’s sucked for years GW?

Anyways for what it’s worth:

Faeit 212: The Monthly White Dwarf Magazine is History

Time of Madness:

Sad in part to see it go. Haven’t picked up an issue since the early 2000’s (at least 10 years ago).

My favourite period is when Fat Bloke was in charge. That tale of 4 gamers series was in my opinion one of the best things it had going.

Time of Madness


It’s likely poor performance due to GW website and lack of content which has lead to this. Mostly lack of content.

Had the quality of White Dwarf continued to be at the level it was during Fat Bloke’s editorship I’d have been subscribed for several years now. Instead I almost never buy a White Dwarf, and I’m not unique in this regard. I guess you don’t want the money, dear Games Workshop, nor the indirect and unexpected spendings which are caused by WD’s best articles.

One expects some content in a magazine to make it more than worth its value for the customer.


What really got me about the changes which happened in White Dwarf over the years was that there seemed to be fewer articles about how players could actually participate in the setting to make their games more interesting - for example, scratch building scenery. The last few issues I’ve looked at - and yes, it has been a while - had no articles at all about how to scratch-build anything.

Also, big glossy pictures are nice, but if you can go through the whole magazine while walking home from the store… Is that worth $11? It wasn’t to me. Having an article like “Look! I painted set ‘A’ red, instead of grey!!!” was pointless.

My favorite issues were the ‘Sarlin-era’ issues of US WD. I still read through those on occasion.

Are there any gaming magazines left? I still miss DRAGON and DUNGEON…


I subscribed for White Dwarf for years - really looking forward to the magazines every month. I took time to read it - and there were well worth the price in great stuff.

In the end I didn’t renew my White Dwarf - because the quality was simply bad. It was mostly “look how fantastic our new monster/casting technology is”. Pure advertisment, no soul, no depth.

And since all the new stuff were on the GW website before being shown of in WD - it didn’t even have that going for it any longer.

I gave most of them away - since they’re not worth re-reading. A few from back in the days are kept. They are from a time when we had to build all the terrain our selfs - nothing could be bought. I miss that. WD being a allround hobby magazine.


Summary of official information:

White Dwarf

Will become a 32 page weekly publication, featuring the new products of the next week, with the GW release schedule changed to weekly releases obviously. Apart from this “advertising”, all editorial content like columns also goes here. So the link between ads and “content” continues. Cost is equivalent to one pot of paint (3.20�,� in Germany). Only available at GW stores, retailers and in GW webshop. No subscription. No newsstand sales.

Warhammer Visions

About 232 pages per issue, but smaller format than current WD. Will focus on pretty pictures, with small text in 3 languages (German, English, and French). Like armies on Parade or Golden Daemon pics. No editorial content here. Unknown if Hobbit/LOTR content included. Costs more than current WD, maybe 9�,�. Supscription possible, also sold at newsstands.