[Archive] White lions shoulder pads


Just looking at this I see the basic shapes are similar to the CD concept art (one animal shaped shoulder pad with a large rim, and one triangle shaped one).

Admittedly it is not a bull, but I think if you bits ordered them and put them on some dwarf legs it would start to look fairly similar.  Need to find a head as well.

Or just bits order the lion pads themselves.


they might look a bit weird, but the only way to find out is to try.

feat they might look a bit ‘pretty’ and a bit to … cute?

Have tried googling the bitz but they aren’t anywhere i can find yet :frowning:


Seen them in RL, they look fairly nice. Don’t know if they’ll be sold separately though. Guess I’ll keep an eye on the hoard of bits ebayshop.

@ Nitroglysarine: I doubt you’ll see them today as they launch tomorrow. Perhaps by the end of the weekend the bits will appear.


yeah, can’t see a good angle of them either, all seem to be looking across the wrong way - as above

can’t see the pad.