[Archive] Who do we hate? Orcs and Elves! But they do make fine slaves


So on Friday I went to a friend’s place, 3 of us played a small round robin of 1000 point games.

First up, Orcs and Goblins!

I took the first turn, advanced some troops into some strategic positions, and fired my war machines. The Earthshaker shell got caught in the wind and landed between some free Orcs, but the shaking earth was enough to impede their movement. The Hobgoblins were commanded to fire their bolts at a distant Night Goblin unit. Amazingly, two bolts struct home and each skewered two more! Surprised at their sudden losses the weak goblins turned tail and fled completely from the battle.

On the Orc turn, stupidity got the best of the Trolls the Orc Warboss was leading, and they starting picking daisies. Some Orc Big’uns and a goblin chariot advanced on the left front, and two units of 5 Wolfriders rampaged towards my war machines. A rock lobber hurled a stone just past my Chaos Dwarf Warriors landing firmly in the earth, to no effect.

Fearing the approaching Wolfriders, the war machines unloaded on the them. Both bolt throwers missed their targets and the Earthshaker shell again strayed past its intended target. The shaking ground would slow the wolves putting them just out of charge range the next turn. The Sorcerer still was not in range to cast his only spell which could disable missile units for a turn.

Some luck at last for the Greenskins, both Wolfrider units went crazy and charged forth due to animosity both completing their charges into a bolt thrower a piece. A mishap by the rock lobber disabled it for a turn, but the rest of the forces pressed onwards. The Orc shaman’s spell was dispelled with a scroll nullifying any magic that turn. The wolves at all but one Hobgoblin crewman, leaving the closer unit engaged after the brave hobgoblin stood his ground.

Determined to strike back, the Chaos Dwarf general called for his Slave Orcs to block the Earthshaker’s line of site to engage the Wolfriders who were in combat. No war machines would shoot this turn but the Blunderbusses small advancement this turn put them in perfect range of the unit of Big’Uns that housed their shaman. After devastating the Big’Uns, they turned tail and fled. The Slave Orcs made short work of their foes, breaking them in combat and running them off the battle field, the pursuing Slave Orcs charged towards the next unit of Wolfriders who ran like jackrabbits in fear.

It wasn’t long before the Big’Uns were advancing again, but the trolls acted stupid some more which was hindering the advance of the army as a whole. In the coming turns the Big’Uns would again be ravaged by Blunderbusses. But the Trolls would charge a unit of hobgoblins and the Chariot would clash head on into the Chaos Dwarfs. The blunderbusses would flank the trolls allowing them to win combat and break them. Seeing the battle could not be won, the Orc army called for retreat and fled the battle field, but not before many greenskins were taken as captives to be sent to the slave camps in the Plains of Zharrduk.

Next Up, High Elf scum!

With very much the same strategy in mind, The Chaos Dwarfs and their slaves moved strategically into position. The Earthshaker unloaded on a Archer unit killing a few elves and leaving them and the near by bolt thrower crew shaken. Rounds from the bolt throwers pierced High Elven armour impaling some Spearmen. Everything went to plan and besides losing many Warriors to High Elven bolts, the war machines continued to rack the Elven troops. Magic also posed a problem killing many Blunderbusses, but in the end, the Elves were outnumbered and overwhelmed.

So it was pretty fun, the Orcs beat the High Elves in their game, but I won the night with my Chaos Dwarfs. :slight_smile: In all fairness the High Elf player was new to the game and really only had a Battalion and a Mage to work with, barely 1000 points. The Orcs player had many bad leadership rolls, and a very unlucky incident involving his Night Goblins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall it was fun, and that puts my record at 3 wins, and 1 loss (which was a team game). Loving my army so far, though it would look better if I didn’t have to have unfinished minis roaming the battle field.

… I should have took some pictures, but I forgot to. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great stratigy Xander using the earth shacker to slow down the gobbos on wolves to bad the got to move fowerd.

Also good job killing the elves.

more slaves for the chaos dwarves