[Archive] Who is your favorite Hottie?


Who is the one chick you think is majorly hot? You know, the one you would swear off Chaos Dwarfs for.


Staff note:  Lets keep this fairly respectable gents, no pictures too… revealing

- Grim

I’ll start. Of course everyone knows mine if you have been on CDO for any length of time:

Kate Beckinsale!

Ghrask Dragh:

Natalie Portman for me, with Gwen Stefani close second!

EDIT: different pic.


photo not showing


Rachel Nichols.

Now if that isnt sexy, you must be blind :slight_smile:


Keeley Hazell was recently featured on IGN. http://stars.ign.com/articles/857/857199p1.html

I don’t normally follow this sort of thing, however.


She’s got ummm “Huge Tracts of land”


None of these are proper CD women!?!? Where’s the beards?? :wink:


I don't normally follow this sort of thing, however.

Heheh, Xander only looks at beautiful people for the articles.


Huge tracks of natural land, at that.

I just generally ignore the Hollywood scene in terms of celebrities.


Natalie Portman for me, with Gwen Stefani close second!

EDIT: different pic.

Ghrask Dragh
I'd have to agree with GD on this one. Natalie Portman is smoking! :)


Sure, but I dont like this picture. It’s like she tried to make a “The Rock look”, see what I mean? :~



mia kirshner

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Ahhh Ishkur leans back in his throne grinning broadly - so many beautiful women out there - how could I ever decide on only one…!

First, let it be known that Kate Beckinsale is probably one of the most perfect women ever to have lived and I could watch her interviews forever. She’s probably also the only reason to actually watch ‘Van Helsing’. ^^

Then I’d probably nominate Cate Blanchett who for some reason is not very liked by my girlfriend… but I think she has a quite ethereal beauty about her. I am also always quite mesmerized by Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Juliet in ‘Lost’. I won’t forget Connie Nielsen, one of Europe’s finest. And finally, I would need to name Monica Bellucci and Halle Berry, as both get a 10/10 from both me and my GF. ^^


Well Ishkur hit it on the head with Monica Bellucci. Just whatever you do, don’t watch a movie of hers called Irreversable. Very disturbing.


Elizabeth Mitchell was also in Gia with Angelina Jolie! Wowzah!

Kera foehunter:

wooooooooya  what a hunk do i have to say any more.


For me it HAS to be Kelly Brooke

I’m sorry…it is IMPOSSIBLE to look at that picture and tell me she isn’t gorgeous…

Uzkul Werit:

True but I’d take your Kelly Brooke and counter with Myleene Klass. Come to think of it, Ellen Page ain’t shabby either.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d say my girlfriend, but you aren’t seeing any of that :wink:


Sure, but I dont like this picture. It's like she tried to make a "The Rock look", see what I mean? :~

Yeah, I get what you mean, I'll have to try and find a really good picture then. :hat off