[Archive] Why should I be made an admin?


Thought I’d take this poll to the masses of the site, since Xandor doesn’t think I’d be a good admin. So, why should I be made an admin?

1) To boss people around for no good reason.

2) Because I’m a filthy vampire lover and used my evil powers to gain admin at Carpe Noctem.

3) To edit people’s posts for the humour of all!

Choices are endless. So, why do you think I should be an admin?


You should not be an admin unless the staff agree on it.

Thread closed.

EDIT: For those curious I was informed this thread was intended to be humourous.


Haha, pwned.

grishnakh99 is a good guy, I helped introduce him to Warhammer, he is starting a Vampire Counts army. He’s been bugging me to make him an Admin despite that fact he know basically nothing about Chaos Dwarfs. I guess he must be pretty power hungry. :stuck_out_tongue: