[Archive] Wide variety of OOP minis for trade, WFB and 40k

Blue in VT:

Hi all,

I’ve assembled a Large Album of OOP figures including WFB and 40K that I’m looking to trade. This includes: Marauder Dwarfs, OOP Skaven, OOP HEs, OOP Skaven, OOP Chaos Warriors, Nippon, OOP DE’s Lots of Rogue Trader Space Marines and more!

Take a look: http://s91.photobucket.com/albums/k285/csabick/Trade%201/

I’m looking a number or OOP Marauder Dwarfs, Some Marauder O&G, and the Classic Rogue Trader Chaos Space Marines…Here is my WANTS album:


I’m located in the US but willing to ship.

Drop me a PM…lets make a deal!




PM Coming

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