[Archive] Wiki Weekly #1 - Bull Centaurs


[[Bull Centaurs]]

Welcome to Wiki Weekly #1! This week we will focus on Bull Centaurs. That means we need to put in all the official fluff and history we can that pertains to the Guardians of the Temple of Hashut!

If you have never used a Wiki, don’t be afraid! Just try it! You don’t have to sign up or anything if you don’t want. Just click the link above and add all the information you know by first clicking the “Edit” tab. Do not worry about how accurate your information is, just do you best. Someone else will adjust what you did if you have slipped up! No problem!

Each week I (or others) will select a new topic for us to focus on, and that way we will have filled up the Wiki in no time!

So click the link, and create this page! :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

(Chances are, I will just edit out typos and grammar mistakes. I’m like that. Also, don’t know what is official stuff and what isn’t. Will add the stuff I know, when I know though!)


That’s sort of why I started the WDP:CD poll. To see who has access to the 4th/5th fluff. Not too much progress so far. I might just have to make the page some time later in the week…


Just out of curiosity, should we duplicate the [wiki]Grudge Bearer[/wiki] descriptions of [wiki]Immortals[/wiki], [wiki]Kollossus[/wiki] etc with their own seperate links(as they will be at the moment)?


Yes, duplication is fine. I will probably look into some stuff for the Wiki like, “Link to main article” as I sometimes see on Wikipedia. But absolutely add anything and everything. Too much is far better than not enough.

Some progress at last! Very nice! I compared it to the WDP:CD fluff, and made some modifications. Great stuff about the [[Tome of Corruption]]. :slight_smile: