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So someone (:shy:) reminded Xander to get a new weekly Wiki on here, and as a special thanks that someone gets all the work… :P;):slight_smile:

[[Death Rocket]]

We picked the Death Rocket as a topic for now, so we can do Death Rocket conversions next week, and so keep the ball rolling and keep getting content in the Mighty Tome of Wiki-Hashuth. (CD deity of evil learning, collecting, making army lists, talking about them, posting online, maybe a bit of painting and most certainly no playing an actual game…:wink: ).

So get researching, dusting off memories, thinking up great stories or just copy/paste them from somewhere and get our tome of not-so-useless information filled.

Together we will create a mighty, slightly moldy, dusty tome of forgotten tales and secrets to lure unsuspecting hobbyists into the death-trap that is a Chaos Dwarf addiction. More mindless people will fall into our trap and world domination will be ours…well actually GW might notice and give the CD a new 2-line reference in some Black Library novel to keep us in suspense for another 5 years… muhahhaahaa. (that sounded better in my mind)

So here’s Xander’s blurb about how a Wiki actually works. (He’s the wizzkid, I’m just the messenger, and the guy who ate your last slice of pizza)

If you have never used a Wiki, don’t be afraid! Just try it! You don’t have to sign up or anything if you don’t want. Just click the link above and add all the information you know by first clicking the “Edit” tab. Do not worry about how accurate your information is, just do you best. Someone else will adjust what you did if you have slipped up! No problem!

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OK, now get writing and contribute to the greatest collection of Chaos Dwarfness on the Interwebs. :hat off

Next week we return to our regular scheduled schedule.


Bjorni, leaves stage to the left…right…where is that curtain…and why are there metal bars here…what are you doing with those cattle prodzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Uzkul Werit:

Would you like me to dig some fluff up from the old Armybook?


Yes please,

I (and with me several others) don’t own WDP:CD so a basic background piece about the how/what/where/when in the WIki would be greatly appreciated.

I just did a very, very basic piece, please feel free to add/edit.



Lord Zarkov:

Make sure you paraphrase it however, copying passages out of GW publication is Illeagal

Uzkul Werit:

If I have the time I’ll see what I can do. An article I was writing for a website has been deleted off my PC, see.


Due to the volcanic activity within the Dark Lands, there are many, many natural gas deposits in the Plains of Zharr. The Chaos Dwarves have studied these extensively and have found that they can utilize these gases as powerful explosives and propellents. The gases themselves are quite toxic and those who work in gathering and refining them rarely last long. Hundreds of dwarves and slaves die each year to get the gas for the engineers’ constructions and experiments.

After finding this gas, it was not long before they used it to construct their first rockets. The first rockets were small, but the Chaos Dwarfs were pleased with their results. On such a small scale they did not really recognize the unstability and inaccuracy of their weapons. However, as is often the case, once they had successfully built rockets it became a race between various guilds to build the biggest, most powerful rocket rather than to try to make them more stable or accurate. The guilds continued to top each other until two guilds working together built a rocket nearly the size of a tower. When launches, this rocket veered hopelessly off course and nearly crashed into Zharr Nagrund itself. Instead the rocket changed course at the last moment and instead crashed into a goblin camp, wiping every last soul of the tribe out and leaving a giant toxic crater in which nothing but nightmarish monsterousities can survive.

This narrowly averted disaster frightened the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers enough that they killed the guilds in charge of production of this rocket, banished the experiemtns to the Howling Wastes and decreed that no guild should be allowed to build rockets larger than eight feet in length. A few guilds have broken this rule and there have been a few times when the Sorcerers have commissioned larger rockets, but beyond these notable exceptions the rockets became fairly standard in size. Thus, the Death Rocket was born! These rockets tend to be between seven to eight feet in length and are packed full of the noxious, highly flammible chemicals. They favor strength over accuracy and are extremely unpredictable weapons. Although some guilds have made attempts to make the rockets more stable and accurate, most merely aim to make them as strong as possible.

If hitting a mark with the rocket wasn’t difficult enough, the rockets often don’t explode when they land. As many experiments have taken place in the Howling Wastes, they are littered with hundreds of Death Rockets that did not explode upon impact and could well explode at any time. There have been many casualties of curious explorerers crossing these areas and accidentally disturbing a rocket that had landed years before. Still, despite all the drawbacks the pure destruction and terror unleashed by these rockets is too great for the Chaos Dwarves to simply ignore and so the guilds constantly produce them and they are seen quite commonly in any Chaos Dwarf force.


Hobgoblyn, much of what you typed is accurate. Much of it is fan-made addition. For the purposes of the main portion of the Wiki, we use official fluff. Is it ok if I use the accurate parts of what you typed and add them to the Wiki?


Ah, I misunderstood. I thought this was the ‘write fluff for _____’ area.

Yes, edit out anything you don’t think is supported and use the rest.


Sounds good, thanks!