[Archive] Wiki Weekly #6 - Earthshaker Cannon Conversions


[[Earthshaker Cannon Conversions]]

Welcome to Wiki Weekly #6!��This week we will focus on [[Earthshaker Cannon Conversions]].��That means we need to upload a bunch of pics of different conversions!��Also include a blurb for each pic.

If you have never used a Wiki, don’t be afraid!��Just try it!��You don’t have to sign up or anything if you don’t want.��Just click the link above and add all the information you know by first clicking the “Edit” tab.��Do not worry about how accurate your information is, just do you best.��Someone else will adjust what you did if you have slipped up!��No problem!

So click the link, and click edit! :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

Wasn’t sure how to do the formatting properly, but did what I could.


I corrected the image links for you.

Not sure if we should stick to calling it the Earthshaker Cannon (4th/5th ed name) or just the Earthshaker (6th ed name). I’ve gone with Earthshaker Cannon for now to be consistant with the rest of the wiki.

Had a bit of spare time lately and I’ve added loads to the wiki. How often is it backed up Xander?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thanks for the corrections cornixt. Needed them :smiley:


anyone know any internet place i could get one of those seigeshaker cannon parts metioned


if your looking for the plastic parts you can get them from a doller store (if you live in canada :slight_smile: )

Or you can buy them off of xander

Ishkur Cinderhat:

My scratchbuilt Earthshaker will hopefully be finished by the end of the week, I will post it in the wiki right away! :slight_smile:


Added my own conversion that’s been around for a while.


Finally added mine too! I have also asked Ishkur if I can add his. :slight_smile: