[Archive] Wiki Weekly #8 - Chaos Dwarf Warrior Conversions


Updated September 6th:

I got your attention, yay!

We are still missing some great conversions on this page! Grab pics from Kris Aubin, Snotling, Bjorni, or Ishkur, and throw them up with a blurb, slaves to the ones who do it!


Wiki Weekly #8 - Chaos Dwarf Warrior Conversions

[[Chaos Dwarf Warrior Conversions]]

Welcome to Wiki Weekly #8! This week we will focus on [[Chaos Dwarf Warrior Conversions]]. So get your best snapshot of your converted warriors and add it to the Wiki!

For you uninclined Wiki users, here some simple steps!

1) Upload your image to the Wiki server:


Make a note of the "Destination filename"

2) Edit the destination page:


Add your name, a blurb, and the image, like below:

==My Name==This is a small blurb![[Image:Destination_filename.jpg]]
All done!

If you have never used a Wiki, don’t be afraid! Just try it! You don’t have to sign up or anything if you don’t want. Just click the link above and add all the information you know by first clicking the “Edit” tab. Do not worry about how accurate your information is, just do you best. Someone else will adjust what you did if you have slipped up! No problem!

So click the link, and click edit! :cheers


I will try to have a small painted allconverted unit ready during this week!


Let’s see some action on this guys! Most of you have Chaos Dwarf conversions! I have made the instructions super easy. :hat off

Make me proud. :smiley:


Says the guy who doesn’t even have pics of his own on there yet!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well spoken cornixt! Go ahead Lord Xander, lead the way! :slight_smile:


Mine will be up shortly. Haha, I lead the way in many places. Hehe. I made the topic, didn’t I? :stuck_out_tongue: I am trying to get it to where others take the lead on things, hence the Project section. Hehe, I am only one man!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I have no converted warriors yet. Wow. I DO have a spare box of dwarf warriors. Time to figure out some better conversions than my original attempt. However, need to make some into crewmen for my Siegeshakers…


Damn, I went short of marauder arms on the last warrior… Guess I will post my 10man unit next week…


I am a little disappointed couldn’t get a few more people to add their Warriors. Mine are getting lonely!

Thommy H:

I could add some blunderbusses, but they’re not so much ‘conversions’ as ‘thunderers with shields stuck on their guns’. It might not be the best way to showcase the skils of our community.


Missing from the page are still some top tier conversions: Snotling, Ishkur, Bjorni! I am looking at you guys! Get off your duffs and share the magic! Slaves to you if you do! Learn to use the wiki and everyone will benefit!

Traitor King:

I posted up some of Snotlings and Kris Aubinns.

Somebody might want to edit the text, but I recon its ok.


He Xander,

I sent you all my pics to resize and get on the Wiki-server, then I would write the not-so-exciting blurb, remember??? :wink:




Nicely done TK!

Bjorni. You should download Microsoft’s Image Resizer:


But, I have resized your pics for your gallery. :wink:


Had not seen this earlier, but now I’ve put in the work and updated the conversion pages for the warriors, blunderbusses, hobgobsm, Bolters, Hellcannon, Heroes, Sorcerers and Great Taurus.

Hope it helps with filling in the blanks,



PS Finally a bit better again, so I’m starting on my corrupted Dwarves again tomorrow.:slight_smile:

Traitor King:

I edited a couple of your additons Bjorni.

I made them inpersonal - so ‘Bjorni did…’ rather than ‘I did…’

It just ties it in with the rest of the wiki.

Uzkul Werit:

I’ve finally gotten around to creating and completing the Zhardrach page!

Pyro Stick:

How can i edit the wiki to add the background i found in the undead book?

Uzkul Werit:

There should be a page just for snippets of info like that. Click the edit tab nearest to where you wish to add and there you go.

Pyro Stick:

I cant find any edit button on this page: