[Archive] Willmark's 2nd Give me your input to my Army Poll


I said I’d never (probably) do another of these, but here we go. Just like last time http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1979 a poll for you to give input for the unit I should paint next for my Chaos Dwarf Stunties.

NOTE: I’m working on lots of stuff including my Golden Hat XXIV entry and my Nippon army over at Dogs of War Online, this is for the next Chaos Dwarf unit. This is not for which unit… I will finish overall.

Here�?Ts the details/rules:
(Since I wasn’t a staffer last time I did this O_O I can hand out more slaves)
* 2 week poll to decide.
* I will work on that component to the army next, based on highest number of votes.
* All those who are part of the �?owinning suggestion�?� will get some slaves from the Ye �?~Olde personal slave pen! Number of slaves to be determined based on just how many people vote for the winning choice! If 12 people vote for the winning choice, I’ll hand them each 12 slaves.

Choices are as follows: See below for the pics.
1) 20 hobgoblin warriors
2) 20 hobgoblin warriors
3) 15 chaos dwarf blunderbuss
4) 10 hobgoblin wolf riders
5) 1 Swivel gun
6) 2 chaos dwarf war-machines
7) 30 goblin warriors

So you guys get to choose and I get to assume the role of humble painting slave! In the case of the chaos dwarf war-machines I need the boar centaur #2 so it might be difficult to finish, plus I’m missing one of the three swinging maces; I have it somewhere for the whirlwind but cant find it.

The pics are in my army blog here to each unit in question:

Happy voting.


Note: corrected the link for the wolf riders.


1 week to go (more or less) on the poll, get your votes in. Slaves are in the offing…


Swivel gun it is. Wasn’t expecting that. I’ll be sending slaves to those who voted for the swivel gun and I’ll also get cracking.


Alright Slaves have been awarded to all who successfully picked the winning enrty.

As a humble painting slave I will now work on the swivel gun until complete. Since my Golden Hat entry was in last week there isn’t much that should keep me from finishing this.

Who knows maybe I’ll do another poll for the remaining chaos dwarf units. Thoughts from the gallery?

The WIP pics can be found here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=992&pid=266314#pid266314