[Archive] Willmark's Chaos Dwarf Zeppelin [6-17-13]


these wip shots are so inspiring! I do hope my vanilla dwarfs will get one in the new book so i can make my own.

keep em coming (:

Mad Dave:

i Cant wait to see the end result.


This is totally cool... Are you going to try and have it be a count as model?  Like a Bale Taurus or perhaps an Iron Demon?

Ender SpiteSworn
Not really sure. I play so infrequently that I really haven't given it much thought other then its been fun to do. I'm taking my time so it will be a bit between updates, what with yard work to do and all...


The 8th Ed’ rule book has a small section on making very special machines (p 243) but I wish it gave some sort of guidelines towards how much individual abilities and other things should cost.   The dwarf airship that they have shown has 10 crew, 5 organ guns, bombing capability, unbreakable, magic resistance, ward save and can obviously fly.   The fluff says it needs an engineer.That would be 15 pts per the cannon rules and the organ guns well that would be 5 x 120 pts = 600 pts, but organ guns can’t have engineers.  The bombing mentioned “fires” as per a stone thrower, so 80 pts.  That brings it up to 695. the rest I never could figure out.

I know it says make it fair with your opponent.  But I’ve seen and heard to much whinging over officially sanctioned things that have been play-tested let alone something I’d build just for fun.


Not sure about the shape and position of the tail fin, but I do like the look and share of the two directional fins on the side. Not the best ways to photograph it but ah well.

So far so good. I have some ideas for the propellers but still firming those up. Next up is finishing the spars on the underside before I get too far. I probably shouldn’t have added the fins just yet, but I wanted to see where they would stand> I also have to extend the fuselage further back under the rear fin. I figured I might have to do this and had been planning for it in order to make it more tapered like a zeppelin should be.



This is a fantastic project and I shall really look forward to watching this as it progresses.



Ghrask Dragh:

That is crazy big

does up trouser zip

Oh wow that zepplin is really coming along too

Kera foehunter:

More please

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Damn Willmark, you beat me to the punch!! I’ve been carefully laying out parts for mine for ages now but still haven’t had the time to really lay into it. Perhaps this will shame me into action!

Can’t wait to see more.



Good skeleton! If you want inspiration for the blimp you can always find it in 40k here.


Good skeleton! If you want inspiration for the blimp you can always find it in 40k here.