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Will la tete rouge:

Haven’t gotten round to thinking of a name for my dwarfs yet so apologies for the uninventive blog name.

Basically my LOA Army are part of the force that went with Tamurkhan on his assault on the Empire. They are not Nurgle dwarfs, but as I am a huge Nurgle fan, I wanted to show how the effects of Nurgle can have an effect on everything - so my dwarfs will be rusty, dirty, broken, diseased. Basically wherever I can make a nod to the plaguefather, I will.

The main thing I want to portray in my army is MUD! Wet, sticky, caked-in - MUD!

Just want to premise this blog by saying that I am not good at playing Warhammer - I play for fun so take things when I like the fluff/model, not because it is ubber powerful so if my army list looks a bit bizarre, it’s not part of a well-thought plan but my own whims and fads.

Also, I am not the best painter in the world and very new to greenstuff, so please give me your constructive criticism and advice as I could do with all the help I can get but remember that I am not that skilled so probably wont be able to actually do half of what you suggest.

Enough stalling, I suppose.

My Infernal Guard colour scheme - obviously not finished yet, but gives you the idea,


My Hellcannon - Not totally finished yet but gives you an idea of the rusty, manky look I want.

Will la tete rouge:

Just found a couple more pics to show you.

My Deathshrieker - Again not totally finished but you get what I mean by rusty.


My attempt at making my own blunderbusses - nowhere near finished yet.




Bold and adventurous attempt for sure. And I think your mud theme will give them an invading army feel, rather than defending the lands of lava and ash.

I like your blunderbuss creation. The pictures are so small it is hard to tell, but if I am seeing correctly you indented the tips of your blunderbusses. I think from a stylistic standpoint - what you have done is superior to the standard GW blunderbuss flat tip.

I would love some medium sized pictures, and more pictures of course.

With your theme and colors what they are - would you paint your K’Daai Fireborn with blue/green/white flame? I think that would work perfectly and look badass. I have 3 fireborn waiting for painting, that I have not been brave enough to attempt like that.

Keep posting please, I always enjoy armies in progress. And I especially appreciate people sharing all the stages of development from the minutia to the larger completed armies and landscapes.

Will la tete rouge:

@ Bigdark

Cheers, I wanted the invading feel. I wanted them to look like they had created the machines for the lands of ash and fire and were only now realising what effect the rain, mud and flora of the Empire lands would have on them. That and of course Nurgle has a hand in the general wear and tear of everything.

Im not very computer savvy so not sure how to make the pics bigger.

Re: The blunderbusses, yes they are indented. I want a realistic look to my army. If I was more skilled, I would have liked to make them tubular but I’m not good enough.

Re: The flames - I hadn’t thought of that but it would certainly look unique to make them burn brighter with a blue flame. I would like the Kdaaii to have a Nurgle lean towards it - as if Nurgle is interfering with the daemon summoning. The colour scheme may be a good way of doing this, thanx.


Nice start and cool work on that blunderbusses. Show us more!

Regarding the pics, most programs have a resize function. I use GIMP as it is a free program, takes a little time to get used to (I bought a small booklet), but when you grasp the basic functions it is really good.


I would love to see bigger pictures of all this, it all seems great.

I particularly like the rust effect. It is a great idea and you seem to master it quite nicely.

Will la tete rouge:

Thanks guys.

I need to find out how to make my pictures bigger. Tried GIMP but it wont download so if anyone has any advice, I’m all ears.

The rust is actually pretty easy, if you want I could show you how I do it.

I shall post soon with updates - I have a castellan and a Tauruk coming up.


If you want some “nurglish” CD’s (and have some money to spare), look for some of the older 3rd edition mutated ones

Will la tete rouge:

If you want some "nurglish" CD's (and have some money to spare), look for some of the older 3rd edition mutated ones

@ Abecedar

I had a look and they are nice models but I'm a forge World Junkie I am afraid so I want a style that fits better with them. Also I am quite giddy at the idea of nurgling my IG up. Break out the modelling nice, Bunsen burner and greenstuff!

Seriously though, I am still in need of help with how to enlarge my pics. Without using Gimp can anyone talk me through how to do it.

I have pics on my laptop at the moment ready to load.

A slave to anyone who can talk a technophobe like me through it.


Nice approach. Light blue is a color people seldom used for CDs, so this will definitely look cool! I like the Blunderbusses made with such long barrel.

Kera foehunter:

sweetie ,love the blunderbusses… have you thought on using a golf tee ? This might help speed up the blunderbusses Just an idea

Will la tete rouge:

sweetie ,love the blunderbusses... have you thought on using a golf tee ?  This might help speed up the blunderbusses  Just an idea

Kera foehunter
@ Skink

Yes, from the other CD armies I have seen at tournies etc, I think mine will be a bit more unique. Not sure yet how the blue is going to work as a whole unit but time will tell I suppose.

I have finished and painted my first blunderbuss now, all I am waiting for is advice on how to upload a pic and I will show you.

@ Kera

Actually that would have made loads of sense but since I have already begun the process of 20 blunderbusses, I don't want to change the style halfway - I must have conviction. But I will definitely give it a go and if the results are loads better, I may re-sculpt them.

The Besieger:

Great start mate good job :cheers