[Archive] Wilmark's gone over to the dark side!


hes done it hes gine over to the dark side and taken over the site as his new empire.

we’re dead.


hes done it hes gine over to the dark side and taken over the site as his new empire.
we're dead.

Nah.... besides. The Empire was the good side anyways. The Rebels were the bad guys! Honest!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Give the guy a chance. (Willmark, I mean.) I’m sure he’ll do as good a job as Xander.

I’m still not understanding why there’s such a sudden change though. Heck! even in the corner, we’re now the “WCDE Fourm” whereas eariler today it still read “CDO Fourm”.


I have very high opinions of the staff (including Xander) as a whole, that and faith in the community as well. I’m optimistic. :slight_smile:


i know that wilmark will do well how can he fail with the power of the dark side behind him, all the staff at cdo are top class and willmark is certainly way up there wiht the best of them so best of luck willmark


Well I’m suddenly tempted to quote the Simpsons for the first time ever…

“I for welcome our new evil overlords!” :stuck_out_tongue:

More and more I suspect this is a cruel joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though “Chaos Dwarf Empire” does sound cool. Doesn’t it?


More and more I suspect this is a cruel joke. :P

But it a good one, right? :P

Make me think a lot about that podhammer joke last year:



But it a good one, right? :P

As long as I get to be General Veers or Admiral Thrawn! :P As cool as I think Tarkin is, I'd have launched 200+ TIE Fighters to intercept the Rebels... the pilots could use the practice.

Besides. Willmark is Vader... not Palpatine. :P Of course, coming from me, that's a compliment! :)

Besides, at least we get cool uniforms...


must agree last years one was really cruel :hashut

though i’m not feeling too comfortable on this site right now, i feel pawned

Ghrask Dragh:

Right thats it! I’m putting my hair into buns and going to find some help… wish me luck!


chases Ghrask Dragh with a Star Destroyer

You know… a rescue mission…


Dark Willmark, you wishes. :hat off


We’ll just have to carry on as best as we can without Xander, when I get some time today I’ll look at switching the site back to its old look and feel…

He always wanted to get the site to the point were he could leave if need be. This was his way of making it public.


Where did all the Hobgoblin younglings go?


Give the guy a chance. (Willmark, I mean.) I'm sure he'll do as good a job as Xander.
He will, just don't fail him :)


I think CDO will be fine. Willmark has been doing A LOT more around here recently and Xander really has been performing high level admin functions. The transition was already in the works for a while really when you look at it.

Plus, there’s the good and pure ahem, Me, duh :stuck_out_tongue: to help maintain balance and order. I think the force is all about balance, no? I don’t remember, it’s been a while since I’ve watched.

though if I need to keep seeing Hayden Christensen everytime I load up the site, i’m going to go crazy.


At least replace him with Palpatine or Vader. Hayden I mean, not Willmark :slight_smile:

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Not sure if I like all this starwars stuff around.


well,i like star wars but this is a CD website:madplease remove anakin and rename the website:(


This site thrives on the efforts of the staff and several people in the community (such as Sojourn) as well. As I said, I’m optimistic, though Xander is pretty awesome too.