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I love making terrain - and after seeing the Chaos Dwarf symbol on the new Black Kraken model from Dreadfleet, I was inspired to imitate the logo (albeit in 3d) to make an entrance to a cave/mine/something. (any opinions here would be appreciated.)

The idea is you walk in through his “mouth”, which is supported by his “beard”. Behind him will be a small rocky hill made from expanding insulation foam over newspaper wads (a little trick I learned.) The whole thing will be coated with texture spray coat and painted dark grey/black, except for the noseguard and Chaos arrow, which will be brass. It’s a little hard to convey my final vision for this piece at this stage, but here you go:


The helmet was made from pink insulation foam, cut out with a hot wire cutter and smoothed with drywall sandpaper and a fine grit. The noseguard is regular styrofoam, sanded the same way.


Helmet side view


These are the “beard” support columns. Two will go on either side of the helmet, with the mustache in between. These were hand made from Crayola “Model Magic” and will support the helmet (once they’re trimmed of course)


Lovingly called “Elf shoes” by an onlooker, these horns are also carved insulation foam. They will attach to either side of the helmet, pointing forward and down, much like a bull’s horns.


This is a strip of plasticard with spikes from the Cities of Death building kit. It will go over the noseguard once I add rivets/a Chaos-y border.


This is the symbol that will go on top of the helmet, lining up with the noseguard. It was made with wood, as I find it easier to work with than thick plasticard, and coated with Liquid Green stuff to hide the wooden texture.

Any comments/feedback is appreciated! Also, should I make it a cave entrance? Mine entrance? Something else?

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Might be worth doing it as an entrance, but do the mine part so you can expand it into a fortified mine for scenarios. That way you only have to make one piece for multiple uses,